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Thankfulness for truck drivers — WHAT THE TRUCK?!? (with video)

Are you a real tree traditionalist or a fake tree fan? Dooner and The Dude duke it out on today’s episode

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Truck drivers are responsible for moving our goods from point A to point B, so what would Thanksgiving look like without them? Taking drivers out of the equation could lead to hoarding, shortages and price gouging of the foods that fill our tables. 

Those drivers are so valuable they are considered essential and may be in the first wave of receiving the COVID-19 vaccine

The logistics of vaccine delivery is one of the biggest challenges, but one company may be developing a better way than dry ice to keep the vaccines cold. 

This would put less strain on the cold chain arm of supply chains, which could lead to a smoother distribution across the country. 

Ingrid Brown shares her family’s tree roots

As a truck driver with Fleenor Brothers, Ingrid Brown has hauled Christmas trees for almost two decades. Her family owned a tree farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains and she’s moved trees across the Southeast since 2003. 

“I’ve hauled trees for ever and ever and ever and that’s kind of my holiday cheer,” she says. 

Brown says she’s 1,000% team real Christmas trees and talks with Dooner and The Dude about the numbers behind growing real Christmas trees and why you should buy a real tree to support your farmers. 

Tom Kyrk supporting drivers in need 

Many trucking families can be left without a loved one home for the holidays, but Tom Kyrk and his organization aim to ease some of the holiday stress. 

His organization, Truckers Christmas Group, helps families of drivers in need get funds to help make the holidays special for their families. 

Truckers Christmas Group needs all the help it can get. You can give to them right here

Andrew Cox breaks down Black Friday

With consumer shopping looking different this holiday season, Andrew Cox, research and retail expert at FreightWaves, details how stores will perform on Black Friday.

He dives deep in his weekly newsletter, Point of Sale, but he talks with Dooner and The Dude about how retailers will overcome consumer pressure. 

More stores are offering options to buy online and pick up at stores and Cox says that’s a good space for retailers to try and compete in. 

Steve Ferreira talks ocean freight 

Steve Ferreira, host of Navigate B2B and founder of Ocean Audit, knows all about what’s moving overseas. 

He breaks down what Amazon trends are showing on Friday morning’s episode of Navigate B2B and talks to Dooner and The Dude about how people ordering Christmas gifts will impact ocean containers through the holiday season.
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