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Three admit to taking bribes from CMA CGM

Three admit to taking bribes from CMA CGM

   Three defendants have admitted to corruption charges in a criminal court in Cairo, Egypt, investigating the Damietta Container Co. and regional managers from the French shipping line CMA CGM, according to reports from the Egyptian daily newspaper Al Wafd.

   The court is examining claims that the Damietta Container Co. facilitated the misappropriation of public funds and accepted bribes from regional managers at CMA CGM. The French carrier is said to have benefited by about $5 million as a result of the implementation of undue rebates following an illegal change of date to the signature on a contract between the two companies.

   Jihad Anis Dagher, Mustapha Mohammad Khalil Abd An-Naim, and Jamal Abd-Ar Razzak Abd As-Sadek admitted to asking for and collecting bribes worth $30,000 between 1997 and March 2006 and for infringement to their duties and professional obligations.

   The main accused, the imprisoned former chairman of the Damietta Container Co., Ali Massaad Saad, denies any involvement. He is accused of taking bribes worth $100,000.

   Another of the accused is Mahmoud Ahmad Yacoub. Maher Ahmad Almass and Nabil Elie Bassil have also been accused but are currently fugitives.