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TRAC Intermodal introduces pool of premium chassis

The chassis leasing company will roll out TRAC Select in 20 locations across the United States.

   Chassis leasing company TRAC Intermodal said it is introducing a pool of specialty chassis and services to meet specific customer and marketplace needs called TRAC Select.
   TRAC Intermodal will offer the service in 20 locations across the United States near marine ports, railroad terminals and depots.
   TRAC Select chassis models will include upgraded 40-foot marine chassis, titans (premium 40-foot gooseneck marine chassis), tri-axles and lightweights which, depending on the chassis selection, offer features such as radial tires, LED lights, anti-lock braking systems, GPS tracking and automatic tire airing systems.
   “TRAC Select’s ‘white glove’ service ensures that the needed chassis will always be available and pre-tripped for the road to help increase driver productivity,” the company said.
   “The introduction of TRAC Select is the latest in a series of customized product and service offerings that we’ve launched this year to meet the specialized, market-by-market needs of our customers,” TRAC Intermodal President and CEO Keith Lovetro said.

Chris Dupin

Chris Dupin has written about trade and transportation and other business subjects for a variety of publications before joining American Shipper and Freightwaves.