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Where brands go when Amazon isn’t enough — Great Quarter, Guys

What happens when sales are too much for the online platform

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Sometimes Amazon just isn’t enough to support businesses’ growth, so where do they go once they hit that threshold?

Andrew Cox is joined by FreightWaves Lead Economist Anthony Smith to talk about other options for online sellers. They bring on Ransley Carpio, senior vice president and general manager at PCA Group, to discuss how global distribution needs change as businesses evolve. 

The three zero in on the beauty industry because PCA focuses on the vertically integrated beauty product supply chain. Carpio talks about how private-label beauty distributors are growing in size and number and what happens to brands when they scale at a rapid pace. 

Cox, Smith and Carpio also address the rise of shop-in-shop strategy, like Ulta in Target and Sephora in Kohl’s, and how that strategy helps smaller brands grow into a physical shopping footprint. 

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Kaylee Nix

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