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White Paper: 2022 Automation Trends for CargoWise Freight Forwarders

CargoWise has risen to a position of dominance in the transport management system market.

In 2020, it gained the top 25 freight forwarders as customers, as well as continued partnerships with 17,000 logistics providers. As a result of the pandemic, more enterprise and midmarket freight forwarders transitioned to remote work environments and partnered with CargoWise in global or branch-specific rollouts. While the freight forwarding industry has historically relied on paper documents, this pandemic-accelerated adoption of technology is pushing logistics providers to remove legacy systems and integrate digital solutions that streamline operational processes and lower labor costs.

To gain further efficiencies with CargoWise, freight forwarders are leveraging automation opportunities. AI-powered automation provider Expedock estimates that freight forwarders on CargoWise who haven’t tapped into automation are missing out on 40%-80% in labor savings. This white paper will discuss and provide use cases for the top three automation initiatives that freight forwarders have been utilizing and gaining benefits from in 2021.

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