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White Paper – COVID-19’s Impact on Freight: An Analysis of Long-Haul Freight Movement During a Pandemic

With the onset of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID or COVID-19), city, county, state, regional and national officials implemented various measures to assist in limiting the spread of the virus. Schools, factories, construction sites, shopping malls, restaurants and others have – either voluntarily or involuntarily – scaled back production, services and/ or offerings to the public and other businesses. As a result, traffic – and traffic congestion – plummeted across the United States. What does this disruption in traffic patterns mean for the logistics industry and particularly, what does it mean for companies employing long-haul truckers?

Transportation analytics company INRIX analyzed billions of anonymous location-based data points to understand the impact that COVID-19 is having on freight movement across the U.S. They have compiled this information into a complimentary white paper for the FreightWaves audience.

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