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White Paper: Shipment Visibility Expectations Aren’t What You Think

“Visibility” is more than just a red hot industry buzzword. Visibility technology companies – including project44, FourKites and Tive – have all received funding boosts and participated in successful acquisitions in recent months. A push for visibility is a push for transparency, and in today’s supply chain, transparency is more important than ever.

Visibility solutions are steadily moving away from “add-on feature” territory and into the “bare necessities” arena. Still, an uptick in demand from customers and partners does not mean that every industry segment has adopted these solutions at the same rate or with the same vigor.

FreightWaves partnered with real-time visibility provider Tive to determine how different industry players have adapted to the increased demand for visibility. FreightWaves surveyed companies across virtually all segments about the current state of their visibility solutions, their priorities going forward and what they value most in a visibility provider.

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