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White Paper: State of the Industry – May 2022

The May 2022 “State of the Industry Report” — presented in affiliation with Ryder — shares an update on current market conditions across the trucking, maritime and intermodal markets, as well as how global conditions are affecting rates. The data contained within the report provides breakdowns of capacity, volumes and rates as we progress through Q2 2022.

In this report, you will find:

• Truckload market continues softening trends as spot rates turn negative year-over-year
• Consumers face the highest price increases since December 1981, placing strains on their wallets
• Domestic intermodal volumes hold strong as shippers opt for slower service as inventory levels are at record highs
• The Shanghai lockdown is causing ocean demand to fall to the lowest levels since 2020, the length of the lockdown is still unknown
• Small carriers are facing difficulties ahead as rates fall and operating expenses remain elevated, squeezing margins

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