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YRC’s chief customer officer leaves company

YRC Worldwide, Inc.’s (NASDAQ:YRCW) chief customer officer, Justin Hall, has left the less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier nearly three years to the day he assumed what was then a newly created position.

Hall disclosed his intentions late Tuesday on a LinkedIn post. In the post, Hall said he would take the summer off, spend time with his family, and explore his career options. In the post, he said it was time to move on from YRC.

Hall told FreightWaves in a separate communique that he will likely remain in the industry.

Hall joined YRC on June 1, 2016, after 10 years as president of Logistics Planning Services, a third-party and fourth-party logistics provider. Hall had started five logistics firms prior to joining YRC, the carrier said in the 2016 announcement of his hiring.

Hall’s role at YRC was to support its various sales and marketing teams through his expertise in the 3PL realm. He was hired by then-CEO James L. Welch, who is no longer with the company.

YRC confirmed Hall’s departure, but declined comment on whether he would be replaced or the position maintained.

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Mark Solomon

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  1. “Spend time with the family”= Can’t take these customers constantly complaining about Yellow’s substandard service. Roadway cared about it’s customers.

  2. Logistics Planing Services, a 3rd. and 4th. party logistics provider ! This has nothing to do with what YRC does. When will LTL freight companies realize that the 2 don’t translate to each other. There is no magic bullet it’s pricing and service and DON’T DAMAGE THE FREIGHT !!!!

  3. He probably left the company like I did 6 years ago after the company cut our wages like us driver’s and promised to give it back after 5 years and of course they never did, no way to run a company! Also by stoping our retirement, so now I have nothing when it’s time to retire. What a joke. I’m better off now driving for a company that respects the drivers more.

  4. Worked with the company almost 6 urs the past 2 it has turned into a nightmare! I used to love my job as a customer service rep. We can’t keep drivers, dispatchers nor management so that equals bad service and non stop yelling and screaming all day long (which I don’t blame the customers one bit) I honestly don’t see this company being around much longer.

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