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Best apps for truckers

Truckers find value in useful navigation and entertainment apps

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Truckers have to keep track of a lot on the road. The apps below guide drivers through navigational and weather difficulties. In addition, a wide selection of music, audiobooks and podcasts available for download can keep truckers entertained even when they hit areas with spotty cell phone coverage. Here are some of the best apps for truckers.

Weather app: NOAA Weather Radar Live 

Available on iOS and Android

The NOAA app gives truckers real-time weather information regarding storm cells, lightning strikes, temperature, wind speed, humidity, wind direction and more, with multiple units of measure to choose from.

FreightWaves published “The best weather apps for truckers” Part 1 and Part 2 that went more in depth about the specifics of different weather apps. In a FreightWaves Twitter survey last year, this app received 75% of the votes.

Price: The NOAA Weather Radar Live app is free with a $1.99 option to remove ads.

Several other weather apps at the top of the list include Storm Shield, which focuses on extreme weather events; The Weather Channel app, which has an easy-to-read display; and the Trucking Weather & Traffic app, which, as the name suggests, combines key features.

Navigation app: Waze     

Available on iOS and Android

Waze shows truckers real-time traffic, police and hazard alerts while instantly altering routes to avoid traffic. Truckers can easily plan for upcoming breaks using the adjusted ETA based on traffic. The app can display nearby gas stations along the route as well as the price of gas at each station. 

Waze outperforms almost every trucker app in this infographic based on ratings. With over 130 million installs, Waze pairs with other apps so that drivers can listen to music, podcasts or audiobooks through the app.

Though truckers are asking for it on forums, Waze does not currently have height and weight warnings on routes. There are some commercial-specific navigation apps below.

Price: Waze is free.

Other useful navigation apps for truckers are Google Maps, TruckMap, Trucker Path and Road Hunter.

Music app: Spotify   

Available on iOS and Android

Truckers can stream any music in the app’s extensive library. Listen to playlists or albums on shuffle mode for free. Spotify Premium allows truckers to eliminate ads, create customized playlists, skip songs whenever they want and download playlists for the next trip on the road.

Price: Spotify has a free version. Spotify Premium is $9.99 a month, Duo is $12.95 a month, Family is $14.99 a month and Student is $4.99 a month. Find out more about subscriptions here.

Google Music, Pandora and the Tunein Radio app are also great for music on the road.

Audiobook app: Audible 

Available on iOS and Android

Though Audible is among the most costly audiobook apps, it gives truckers access to “the world’s largest selection of audiobooks,” according to the app. Truckers can download audiobooks and podcasts to listen to anytime, anywhere.

Audible Plus gives listeners access to select audiobooks and podcasts. With Audible Premium Plus, truckers get one title of choice included each month and exclusive discounts including 30% off all additional premium selection titles. Audible and Spotify both host many podcasts available for members.

Price: Audible Plus is $7.95 a month. Audible Premium Plus is $14.95 a month.

Some audiobook apps cost less such as a Kobo subscription, which is $9.99 a month, and Downpour, which is $12.99 a month. Select libraries give members free access to audiobooks via the Libby or OverDrive app.

All pricing and details are based on the time of publishing.

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