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Coronavirus & HOS Law Suspension


  1. Mark Savage

    I still want a definition of emergency restocking of food. Food is generally perishable and purchased rapidly even during normal times. All food loads should be exempt.

  2. Bill Hood

    This is a feel-good declaration that has little impact on those that are really hauling freight under this declaration.
    We are still seeing scheduled appointments on both ends and shippers/receivers are not adjusting hours to wait for a load.
    The biggest impact is going to be all the small carriers that do not understand that while the DOT may not know how to determine if a load is direct assistance when The Hammer is looking at you later to prove negligence in a claim the are going to be asking the questions the carrier should be asking.

    1. Seriously!

      I agree. Until a shipper or receiver sends me an email that states products are needed immediately and will be loaded or unloaded in a expedited fashion, I’ll be sticking to the H.O..S. rules.

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