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Dude, where’s my freight? — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

Getting creative to figure out shipping hangups

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Many people are still seeing the effects of port backlogs and freight delays as we hit the middle of January, but on this episode of WHAT THE TRUCK?!?, Dooner and The Dude talk to some guests who have solutions to help figure out where freight is getting hung up. 

First they have a look at the markets. According to DHL, pricing power is still favoring carriers as the Supply Chain Pricing Power Index sits at 70. Outbound tender rejections are still falling from all-time highs seen on Christmas Day; rejections have fallen to 22%.

The guys discuss some top stories from FreightWaves, including Andrew Cox’s report of online retailers paying more in logistics costs and John Kingston’s story of a furniture retailer going bankrupt and blaming Penske Logistics. 

First up on the show is Jeff Booth, head of product at Opendock. He discusses how using Opendock’s scheduling software can be a huge advantage for distribution centers. 

Booth says efficiency is something that will be “top of mind” for people in 2021, and using scheduling software can decrease wait times and help prevent miscommunications around dock scheduling times. 

Figuring out scheduling is one thing, but once freight gets loaded it is important to keep track of it. That task is easier thanks to Krenar Komoni, CEO of Tive. Komoni created Tive to provide visibility on the location, temperature and condition of any freight load so tracking is integrated and easier than traditional methods. 

Komoni says competition in the tracking market is intense, but the differentiator in Tive is the real-time data delivery that can help prevent freight loss and spoilage.

Dooner and The Dude bring country artist Jeremiah Craig on the show to play it forward, sharing his song inspired by the trucking community. Dooner met Craig at a Wreaths Across America event, and Craig says he’s taken a lot of lessons from his time on the road. 

Last on the slate is Forager CEO and co-founder Matt Silver. He discusses the why and how behind developing the company. Silver says Forager is a special load board “specifically built for cross-border freight,” and is a great resource for shippers and carriers. 
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The FREIGHTWAVES TOP 500 For-Hire Carriers list includes Penske Logistics (No. 14).

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