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EFS demos: Innovative technology solutions

Optimizing dispatcher workflows and simplifying DOT compliance

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Five FreightTech companies demonstrated their innovative technology solutions for fleets during FreightWaves’ Enterprise Fleet Summit. Check out the showcased integrative technology platforms, smart trailer technology, dispatcher workflows and DOT compliance system.


SkyBitz’s smart trailer technology is designed to help fleets increase load capacity and find empty trailers faster, using SkyCamera and non-volumetric cargo sensors.

Set up notifications so that dock supervisors are notified as soon as a door closes at a distribution center with cubes that are not full enough to meet key performance indicators. Dock supervisors can view an image of the inside of a trailer and use that information to decide whether more cargo can be added.

Check out the demo to learn how artificial intelligence makes maximizing your cube simple.


The Trimble Dispatch Advisor software is there to make load matching easier.

With loads in one grid and drivers in another, you can set up Trimble Dispatch Advisor to find an optimized list for matches. Drivers can receive load match information through an onboard computer or mobile application.

Check out the demo to optimize your load planning process.

Platform Science

The Platform Science Workflow automates the dispatch execution experience.

Fleets can decide which information to make readily available for drivers and can pre-fill date, time and trailer number fields to make drivers’ jobs easier. Customers can automate over 70% of driver load interactions with Platform Science Workflow.

Check out the demo to see how you can “upgrade your TMS without even touching it.”


Samsara’s ecosystem allows customers to use just one platform that integrates with all of the additional systems they use. Customization is at the core, giving users the ability to mark key reports as favorites for their dashboards.

Track a John Deere, Ford or Caterpillar asset right from Samsara’s platform using embedded telematics gateways.

Check out the demo to see how Samsara’s offerings can make integration easy.


The days of using five to seven safety programs for managing DOT compliance are over at Lytx.

Fleets can view overall violation data across different metrics based on locations. This gives companies insights and allows them to focus on compliance issues by region when communicating with drivers.

Check out the demo to gain DOT compliance visibility.

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