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Enterprise fleets achieve growth with brokers of choice

‘A broker of choice is someone that offers a flexible approach to how a 3PL and a carrier can integrate and share information transparently’

What does it take to become a broker of choice?

Of the array of integrations, apps and services that today’s 3PLs offer, fleets only value those that can actually support fleet growth.

Jay Gustafson, executive vice president of brokerage operations at Echo Global Logistics, appeared on FreightWaves’ WHAT THE TRUCK?!? to discuss the signs that a broker’s technology can support the growth of an enterprise fleet in any market.

“A broker of choice is someone that offers a flexible approach to how a 3PL and a carrier can integrate and share information transparently. More and more enterprise fleets are now looking for direct API and EDI integrations as opposed to purely using an app,” Gustafson said, explaining that the combination of technology, relationships and the level of freight a broker manages really make all the difference.

“At Echo, we strongly believe the winning formula is the combination of technology and relationships,” Gustafson said. “Echo’s motto is ‘technology at your fingertips, experts by your side.’”

What enterprise fleets desire is better time savings and cost optimization. However, they’ll only utilize a solution that’s flexible enough to meet them on their terms. 

Echo’s digital solutions are most effective at handling repetitive, high-frequency tasks that bog down enterprise fleets hundreds if not thousands of times per day. But Echo is also making strides with strategic solutions, including its continuous movement program.

“Echo’s continuous movement program allows enterprise fleets to dedicate a group of drivers to Echo at a guaranteed revenue threshold on a weekly basis, which is a service offering technology alone isn’t really facilitating,” Gustafson said, describing the program as a virtual dedicated fleet.

Strategic solutions have become a go-to for fleets needing to settle exceptions or simply explore new growth opportunities.

Echo is able to flexibly meet enterprise fleets where they want to be met because it understands that while digital platforms can be a game changer, a strong relationship is needed where technology has its limits. 

“A common complaint we receive from enterprise fleets down to owner-operators is that when exceptions occur through these purely digital platforms, no one’s there to help solve it for them,” Gustafson said. “If you’re with a 3PL that isn’t set up to handle exceptions whenever they pop up 24/7, that’s a red flag from my point of view.”

If you’re seeking greater transparency and control over your operations, be sure to check out EchoDrive. The EchoDrive web portal and mobile app provide carriers with greater flexibility. Sign up for EchoDrive or log in today.

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