Final round of rapid-fire demos focus on using tech to eliminate inefficiencies

Several companies focused on using technology to make the process of moving freight more efficient showcased their products during the last round of Rapid-Fire Demos at Transparency19.

Rapid-Fire Demos are 7-minute live demonstrations, with no vaporware or PowerPoint presentations allowed. This high-energy format lets companies demonstrate how their products actually work, while keeping audience members engaged.

EZ ELD Solutions

EZ ELD Solutions aims to save truckers and trucking companies money and afford them peace of mind, no matter how big or small their operation may be. The company demoed EZ Truck Solutions, a product that fully aligns with that goal.

EZ Truck is a telematics solution that allows customers to access hours-of-service utilization information, equipment location and performance, all with the push of a button. Perhaps its most unique feature, EZ Truck offers check engine light tracking in an attempt to help companies make more informed decisions.

“Our solution takes the code generated by the engine control unit and allows you to make an informed decision about whether to keep going or send a truck to the mechanic,” EZ ELD Solutions CEO Ishar Sandhu said.

The product has a maintenance scheduling feature, helping ensure routine maintenance stays up-to-date on all equipment.

In addition to maintenance features, EZ Truck gives small company owners and large fleet managers alike access to information about the fleet’s speed and fuel usage, housed in one online platform and mobile application.

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Trucker Tools

Trucker Tools, a leading provider of capacity visibility and predictive freight matching solutions, demonstrated its flagship product, Smart Capacity. The platform reduces wasted time and lost profits by helping brokers locate and secure capacity quickly.

The Smart Capacity mobile application also has a feature that allows qualified carriers to book available loads completely through the platform, with no phone calls required. Smart Capacity utilizes real-time data and powerful algorithms to match freight with the right trucks, predicting when and where capacity will become available.

The mobile app, which has been downloaded by over 600,000 drivers, connects carriers and brokers, making freight matching quick and easy. The app also provides shipment tracking.

“Our goal is to reduce your costs of covering loads, so we’re putting everything on one platform,” Trucker Tools CEO Prasad Gollapalli said.

The Smart Capacity platform is meant to help brokers solve common pain points, including reducing the number of phone calls it takes to cover a load, eliminating “one-load wonders” and stopping the frantic search for capacity across multiple sources. It aids brokers in building sustainable capacity networks and keeping carriers on board for a technology-driven future.

Josh Roden/FreightWaves


ThingTech sets out to provide enterprise asset intelligence to companies that operate a mixed fleet of equipment and vehicles, reducing the chaos that comes with maintaining a variety of offerings.

The company demonstrated ThingTech Real Time, a product that allows companies to bring all their operational data together in one place, then put rules and actions on that data to automate and improve various operations,including equipment utilization and service delivery.

“What we provide is the ability to manage all your things,” ThingTech CEO and co-founder Tim Quinn said. “Nobody sits and stares at a screen all day. They go to it to troubleshoot or diagnose an issue, then create an action to fix it.”

ThingTech Real Time allows the user to visualize assets in real time, gaining immediate insight into location, time series data, diagnostics and utilization.

The company’s sensor, device and communication-agnostic IoT platform all work together to provide the flexibility companies need to manage all their assets in one integrated solution.

Image: Josh Roden/FreightWaves


HubTran set out to create an efficiency revolution in transportation by replacing legacy back-office systems with an automated alternative to process invoices, bill customers and manage documents.

“If you’re a broker or 3PL [third-party logistics provider], you probably have a back office full of people processing paperwork from carriers,” HubTran Chief Technology Officer Mike Mangino said. “We aim to make that more efficient.”

HubTran’s answer to the efficiency problem is an enterprise-grade software utilizing artificial intelligence. The software is smart, easy to use and affordable, making the transition from old processes to new processes as painless as possible.

The software allows companies to set their own rules when it comes to processing invoices, and then it runs those rules. The encoded rules help ensure that companies get the right outcomes every time, eliminating the human error that accompanies manual processing.

Employees still have to go through the invoices and approve them in some cases, but HubTran’s software allows companies to set automated processing for customers they have built a trusting relationship with.

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