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GSCW chat: What FreightWaves-project44 ocean data partnership means for SONAR users

'Most importantly, it allows front-line logistics professionals to up-level their day to day’

Project44's Adam Compain (right) with FreightWaves' John Paul Hampstead.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How project44’s ocean data will give SONAR users a leg up

DETAILS: FreightWaves and project44 announced an agreement Monday to bring the supply chain visibility provider’s ocean shipping data to FreightWaves’ SONAR platform. Project44’s Adam Compain and FreightWaves’ John Paul Hampstead dig into what SONAR users can expect.

SPEAKERS: Compain, senior vice president, product marketing, project44; and Hampstead, FreightWaves strategic analyst. 

BIO: Compain has overseen global product marketing as a senior vice president at project44 since 2021. He founded ClearMetal, where he served as CEO for six years until project44 acquired the company. He spent five years at Google working in new product incubation. 

Key quotes from Compain

“These are the kind of data elements and insights that act as not only the real-time understanding of what to do with ocean and intermodal shipments, but almost more importantly, they’re the leading indicators of what’s to come.”

“Really what we’re pointing to here is what shippers and 3PLs have been after for a long time, which is better predictability, better resilience and agility.”

“Being able to access project44 data through the SONAR platform — in the beautiful way that you guys demonstrate it and provide it — allows people to do … more dynamic planning, more dynamic decision-making; and I think most importantly, it allows the front-line logistics professionals to up-level their day to day from messing around with data and Excel spreadsheets to being handed that data through a figurative smartphone, and then being able to make the proactive, the strategic and the customer-facing decisions at work that every one of us in the supply chain is meant to do.”