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GSCW: Is RNG the fuel of the future? — WHAT THE TRUCK?!?

What does sustainability look like when you’re moving chemicals and searching for alternative fuels?

Day 5 of Global Supply Chain Week focused on energy, mining and chemicals, and Dooner and The Dude were excited to jump into good discussion with Trinity Logistics and Digital Wildcatters. 

Jennifer Braun, Trinity Logistics vice president of Kansas City Operations, joined the show to talk about the intricacies behind moving hazardous chemicals. It takes special capabilities to move chemicals safely and legally, but Trinity specializes in hazmat transportation. 

Braun said so much regulation goes into the chemical industry to protect workers at manufacturing plants, to make sure chemicals are being sourced ethically and to minimize risk during transport. Trinity joined the Responsible Care Program in 2009 to make sure its carriers were in compliance with government regulations so “the risk to the customer is mitigated as much as possible.”

Digital Wildcatters is “revolutionizing content marketing,” according to Dooner, and he brings on co-founder Collin McLelland, the Dave Portnoy of the energy industry, to talk about the state of the energy freight market. 

Digital Wildcatters produces content like podcasts and analysis directly focusing on oil and gas. McLelland shared his opinions on a few big topics, including compressed natural gas, vehicle electrification and the future of renewable natural gas. 

McLelland said RNG is “the horse to ride” for the future instead of hydrogen for alternative fuel sources. He believes the biggest dents companies can make in carbon footprints can come through utilizing natural gas as thermal fuel sources. He also said the Texas deep freeze was indicative of the need to diversify energy sources and beef up the grid system with better planning. 

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