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How valuable is the space market? — Great Quarter, Guys (with video)

SpaceWaves: Bank of America’s Ron Epstein talks the true value of the space market 

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Andrew Cox and Seth Holm wrap up SpaceWaves with a special edition of Great Quarter, Guys. 

Keeping the “You care or nah?” segment short Thursday with only four topics, the guys actually care about every single one.

Momentous announced it will be joining the public market by SPAC, making it the second pure play space company to do so. 

It currently has no revenue but projects it will go from zero to $1 billion in three years. 

Virgin Galactic is shooting for Dec. 11 to test its suborbital space flight; this flight would be a massive milestone and get the company one step closer to getting paying customers into suborbital flight. 

China is bringing lunar samples back to Earth for the first time, giving the nation the opportunity to study lunar material in person. 

Elon Musk has made another bold prediction, saying SpaceX could have people on their way to Mars by 2026.

Senior Equity Analyst Ron Epstein cares about all these announcements too, and they factor into his valuation of the current space market. 

He says the space market was valued at $450 billion in 2018, but the number of launches in the past two years has driven up the cost closer to $500 billion. 

Epstein estimates the value will increase to “trillions by 2030,” supported largely by the commercialization of space flight. 

Holm asked how the current space valuation in satellites will change in the coming years. 

“People want to get to space to deploy assets, historically around communication,” said Epstein. 

The movement to space commercialization will “open up opportunities people have never dreamed of,” he said, adding that it is hard to speculate how the value will change in response.

Kaylee Nix

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