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KeepTruckin introduces Smart Load Board to match carriers to right loads fast

Partnership also announced with eight of the largest brokers in the US

KeepTruckin introduces Smart Load Board to match carriers to right loads fast (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

In a major integration, fleet management company KeepTruckin has announced its partnership with eight of the largest brokers in the U.S., consisting of both premier digital brokers like Uber Freight and Convoy, along with incumbent legacy brokers like Echo Global Logistics and EPES Logistics. 

KeepTruckin has also introduced its Smart Load Board — an intelligent freight-matching solution designed to help carriers have more visibility into loads on the platform and choosing the right ones fast. 

“All brokers, ranging from traditional to digital, have the same two fundamental needs: access to capacity at scale and real-time visibility into the location of their freight. The Smart Load Board makes both of these possible,” said Shoaib Makani, co-founder and CEO of KeepTruckin. 

KeepTruckin’s network of over 350,000 vehicles provides dense coverage across North America, giving brokers access to capacity at scale. By being a part of KeepTruckin’s ecosystem, brokers can tap into its network and have end-to-end visibility on product movement. This is also possible with carriers outside of KeepTruckin’s network, as the platform allows for data exchange beyond its ambit — as long as the carrier in question consents to data sharing. 

“The KeepTruckin Smart Load Board is the first and only ELD-based freight marketplace that automatically matches loads based on a deep understanding of a carrier’s needs and preferences,” said Makani. “This product will revolutionize the way trucking companies dispatch their drivers, reducing empty miles and improving their bottom line as a result.”

By aggregating loads from large brokerages into the platform, KeepTruckin removes the need for drivers and dispatchers to have back-and-forth phone calls to determine pickup and dropoff times, rate, commodity and product specifications. With a comprehensive platform that looks at granular details on loads offered and carrier routes, KeepTruckin can convincingly match carriers to loads. 

The load-matching algorithms constantly analyze every mile driven to match the right loads to the right carriers, while also providing carriers all the information they require to make informed decisions themselves. “If carriers prefer, they can also use our best-in-class search experience to find exactly what they’re looking for by filtering loads by lane, deadhead, equipment type and more,” said Makani.

Makani explained that data privacy and security are paramount to KeepTruckin. The company empowers trucking companies of all sizes to control their data and selectively share it with brokers and shippers and other allied third parties. 

The Smart Load Board will be made available for any user who signs up for a KeepTruckin Driver or Fleet Manager account. When carriers install KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateways — the ELDs — the company gains a greater understanding of their needs and preferences, improving the accuracy of load recommendations while giving them the option to eliminate check calls by automatically sharing location data with participating brokers. 

Tim Hadden, the CIO of transportation provider Bennett International, said, “KeepTruckin continues to remain carrier-first with the launch of the Smart Load Board. Accessing capacity from their network — in a secure manner — will only help to grow Bennett’s business. We feel extremely confident with the steps they’ve taken to ensure our data is protected and is only shared with the third parties we proactively choose to share it with.” 


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