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Kevin Martin named Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of FreightWaves

Kevin Martin, a finance and compliance JD has been named as Chief Legal and Compliance Officer of FreightWaves. Martin is a graduate of Vanderbilt University Law School in Nashville and has been active in financial regulation, legal, and compliance for the past two decades.

In this role Martin will manage all compliance and legal matters for the Company, driving the proactive culture of compliance essential to success in a dynamic environment. His background is in consumer finance, enterprise payments, and compliance, with over a decade of experience in fintech, having served as the Chief Compliance and Legal Officer of Firstview and TransCard, startups that are disrupting the payment space.  

Martin’s background is in highly regulated, rapidly evolving and technology driven organizations.  He has spent his professional career providing these organizations with a blend of legal and business advice while representing his clients’ interests in industry trade associations and before regulatory agencies.

“As FreightWaves moves towards co-launching listed freight futures on March 29 in conjunction with DAT and Nodal Exchange, it is imperative that the company continues to operate as a Culture of Compliance. Kevin’s appointment as internal counsel and head of compliance will ensure that FreightWaves operates in a highly disciplined and compliant manner, while maintaining aggressive growth and innovation goals. I am honored that Kevin will choose his next stop in a very successful career here at FreightWaves,” Craig Fuller, CEO and Founder of FreightWaves stated.

In addition to his primary duties, Kevin will also serve as Market Expert of legal and compliance for the freight industry, a public-facing service that FreightWaves provides to the freight market.

Over the past year, FreightWaves has been assembling a team of subject matter experts that understand how the freight market works, with deep expertise and experience in various areas of the industry. These individuals are among the most respected in their fields and each have more than a decade of relevant experience in their field. We call this “Tribal Knowledge.” Combine this with billions of data-points and what you get is the most reliable set of market indicators and archive of knowledge in the entire industry.

The goal of our team of experts is to publish the research white-papers, interpret market changes, speak at industry conferences, and stay focused on developments that could rapidly alter the industry and marketplace. Our experts include leading thought leaders in economics, weather, energy, behavioral science, freight market pricing, and telematics. The insights our team of experts deliver through various channels is critical to helping the FreightWaves community stay informed and educated.