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Paccar recalls 76,492 trucks because digital dash can freeze

Issue affects about 1% of recalled trucks but could increase crash risk

Paccar Inc. is recalling more than 76,000 trucks because the digital dash can freeze. (Photo: Paccar Inc.)

Paccar Inc. is recalling 76,492 late-model Peterbilt and Kenworth trucks because the digital dash can freeze, preventing the system from updating and increasing the chance of a crash.

About 1% of recalled trucks probably have the issue, Paccar told the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

Affected 2022 and 2023 models include the Kenworth T680, T880 and W990 and the Peterbilt 365, 367, 389, 567 and 579. 

Paccar found 57 warranty claims from May 2021 to September 2022 related to the digital dash system supplied by Stoneridge Inc. Paccar learned of the issue in August. Stoneridge implemented a software fix Sept. 15.

The truck maker reported no crashes or injuries related to the issue.

Paccar plans to install updated software in recalled trucks within 60 days. Owner and dealer notification is planned for Dec. 16. The NHTSA recall number is 22V-779.

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  1. James

    You know what works really well? Actual guages. So easy to replace, no software update, no eyestress from looking at a screen and no hours or days long wait.

    Honestly this digital and computer crap is getting old. Apparently the designers of these vehicles don’t know what the jarring around in big trucks does to this technology which is crappy at best.

    Apparently the designers and the manufactures have no clue what these trucks go through for over a million miles in service. Just the technology is cool. But it just don’t work. I think 1 percent is just the beginning. Most will probably last until the factory warranty expires.

  2. C. Furbee

    Mine has frozen 3 times (once required a battery disconnect to reset), also it will not keep it’s memory for any custom settings.
    I miss my gauges, no one needs to know how much brake force they are applying.

  3. A.J. Pollard

    I currently drive a 2022 579 and my dash has frozen twice. Not only did it freeze, but it completely blacked out before rebooting itself. I constantly get “Data Error” messages in place of where the gauge data is supposed to be. Namely oil pressure and Def Level.

  4. bhawan chhina

    hi i have peterbilt 579, 2022, This truck has big issue in radar system, nothing on road the truck apply automatic hard brakes, radar system to low quailty when outside wind speed 60 mile they will auto brakes they detect some body, any vehicle front near u but there is wind no anything, i have video for this happen many time i go dealership but they ask its ok but there is same condition, some time on road small trees roll on with wind and cross road the truck apply hard brake, when drive single highway oncoming trafic come fast then my truck apply brakes, this is too dangerous now i concern my layer and go court . This is big issue

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