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Project44 launches comprehensive visibility platform

Movement by project44 combines company’s entire suite of solutions

Chicago-based project44 launched Movement, a new platform that combines the company's full suite of capabilities (Photo: project44)

Chicago-based project44 has combined its full suite of solutions into one comprehensive platform. Introduced Tuesday, Movement by project44 is designed to give shippers, carriers and other stakeholders end-to-end supply chain visibility all the way down to the order level.

“People, organizations and economies depend on the efficient movement of goods around the world, but the past few years have shown how volatile demand capacity is, how difficult it can be for carriers to find the right loads and how unpredictable delivery times are,” said Jett McCandless, founder and CEO of project44. 

“Movement enables visibility, agility and workflow automation, but most importantly, it fosters collaboration,” he continued. “That is the key. Because together, we can make supply chains work, improve lives and ensure access to the goods the world needs.”

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McCandless said one of Movement’s core advantages is that anyone in the supply chain can use it — shippers, carriers, warehouse operators or just about any other person involved in the process. The platform can deliver data to any person or system, including order-level visibility of goods around the world from the raw materials stage to the consumer’s doorstep.

Shippers can use Movement to decrease lead times and improve on-time delivery rates. Carriers can use it to increase data accuracy and improve efficiency through automation. Drivers can use it to reduce check calls and dwell times. And all of them can use the platform to communicate with one another, painting a complete picture of an order’s movement.

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“Most visibility vendors offer a single mode or narrow set of capabilities. They talk about a ‘single pane of glass,’ but without the ability to adapt to a user’s preferences, these solutions are one dimensional, which is a thing of the past,” McCandless added. “Movement is the future. It’s multidimensional, where each facet presents a unique perspective tailored to the user’s requirements. This level of configurability, value and collaboration is necessary to tackle the world’s biggest supply chain challenges.”

Project44 launched Movement on the heels of a record-setting first half of 2022. It ended the second quarter with over $124 million in annual recurring revenue bookings, an all-time high and a 115% increase over Q2 2021.

The company today tracks 155,000 ocean containers per day across 85 carriers and more than 4.5 million daily over-the-road shipments from 190,000 carriers. Now all of them can be accessed through a single unified platform.

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