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Project44 adds supply chain SaaS firm Turvo to partner network

Companies combine transportation management and visibility solutions

Project44 and Turvo aim to provide end-to-end visibility through a new partnership (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Two supply chain powerhouses just rolled their combined capabilities into a single platform.

On Tuesday, Chicago-based project44 and Bay Area-based Turvo announced a strategic and technical partnership that will integrate project44’s supply chain visibility platform with Turvo’s supply chain management software. That includes the company’s flagship collaborative transportation management system.

Turvo describes its TMS as a “cloud-based social network.” It gives freight brokers, 3PLs and shippers a single platform through which they can automate all supply chain operations, from the first mile to the last. And by digitizing from end to end, the platform opens lines of communication between all of the stakeholders in a company’s supply chain.

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“Turvo and project44 are bringing together an entire ecosystem of innovative supply chain solutions,” said Scott Lang, CEO of Turvo. “Logistics is a team sport, but outdated technology makes it hard for shippers, LSPs [logistics service providers] and carriers to work together effectively. We’re excited to partner with project44 to increase collaboration and visibility throughout the supply chain.”

Those collaborative capabilities will now be integrated into project44’s end-to-end visibility platform. The highly rated solution tells shippers exactly where shipments are in real time, and it even provides dynamic ETAs that adjust automatically when disruptions occur.

With supply chain uncertainty as high as it has ever been, that sort of real-time view has become attractive to shippers, carriers and 3PLs. In order to minimize inefficiencies, supply chain operators need to be agile, capable of adjusting or rerouting shipments at a moment’s notice. Days and even hours no longer cut it — now, the standard is up-to-the-minute visibility.

“At a time when [supply chains] are more volatile than ever before, this partnership enables shippers to gain actionable insights into shipments, orders and inventory, from the first mile to the last mile,” said Thomas Deakins, senior vice president of global partnerships and alliances at project44. “Together we can enable the movement of products globally, while delivering better resiliency, sustainability and value.”

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Project44 has been steadily growing its visibility platform over the past year, beginning with the September acquisition of Convey for $255 million. Around the same time, it received a call from Google, which tapped the company to be the visibility provider for its Google Supply Chain offering. A few months later, the firm received a $420 million investment that brought its valuation to $2.4 billion. It did, however, cut 5% of its global workforce last month.

Turvo, meanwhile, has gone a different route. It was acquired by Lineage Logistics in June for an undisclosed fee. However, the firm has been shoring up its own platform through integrations with FleetOps, Genpro, Trucker Tools and other companies in the transportation and logistics space.

Project44 and Turvo said in a news release the two companies will continue to expand their partnership in the future.

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