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Reigning champ Amazon takes FreightTech 25 third year in a row (with video)

FreightTech 25 recognizes disruptors across the industry

Amazon tops 2021 FreightTech 25 list, holding onto the top spot for three years running.

Undefeated champion Amazon (NASDAQ: AMZN) secured first place in the 2021 FreightTech 25 – a position it has held for the past three years. The Seattle-based disruptor – known most widely for its lightning-fast shipping speeds – seems to have a hand in just about every part of the logistics industry at this point. 

The 2021 FreightTech 25 welcomed several newcomers, and several returning innovators experienced significant position changes. The top three winners, however, remain unchanged from the 2020 FreightTech 25.

Supply chain platform project 44 came in second place once again, and industry standout Convoy reclaimed its third-place spot.  

“The goal of the FreightTech 25 is to see how the market perceives the most innovative and disruptive companies in the space,” FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller said. “Unlike a lot of awards in logistics, this is an award where we bring in the community. We bring in folks that have a perception and a perspective on who the most innovative companies are.”

In order to narrow down the FreightTech 100 to the FreightTech 25, FreightWaves sent ballots to 80 different members of the logistics community, including venture capitalists, founders, analysts and large company executives. Each member of the panel ranked the top 25 companies on a 1-to-25-point basis. The companies generating the most points comprise the FreightTech 25. 

Votes were audited by accounting firm Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM), ensuring a fair and equal voting process. The inclusion of an objective third party builds integrity into the process and eliminates the possibility of companies buying their spots on the list.

1. Amazon

2. project44 

3. Convoy

4. Platform Science

5. Tesla

While the top three companies remained unchanged from last year, Tesla (+2) reclaimed its spot in the top five after slipping somewhat last year. Tesla was ranked No. 7 in 2020 and No. 3 in 2019. Platform Science (+6) improved significantly this year, making its way into the top five for the first time. 

6. FourKites

7. J.B. Hunt

8. C.H. Robinson

9. Daimler

10. Flexport

Coming in just outside the top five, FourKites (+2) improved on its 2020 standing. Returning winners C.H. Robinson (+1) and Daimler (+10) also saw gains this year. J.B. Hunt (-3) and Flexport (-4) slipped slightly from their 2020 positions but held onto their top 10 status.


12. KeepTruckin 

13. Baton

14, Emerge

15. XPO Logistics came in at No. 11, holding its exact position from the 2020 FreightTech 25. Returning winner KeepTruckin (-7) scored in the top five last year but fell to No. 12 this year. Going the opposite direction, Emerge (+4) and XPO Logistics (+8) climbed well past their 2020 standings. Baton is new to the FreightTech 25. 

16. Samsara

18. Ike – Tie

18. Loadsmart – Tie

19. TriumphPay 

20. Shipwell

Returning winners Ike (+7), TriumphPay (+2) and Shipwell (+1) all improved on their 2020 rankings. Loadsmart (-3) fell slightly from its position last year, and Samsara is a FreightTech 25 newcomer. 

21. McLeod Software 

22. Uber Freight

23. 6 River Systems

24. FedEx – Tie

24. Waze – Tie

McLeod (-4), FedEx (-10) and Uber Freight (-9) are all returning FreightTech 25 winners, but all three companies lost some footing since 2019. Waze and 6 River Systems are first-time FreightTech 25 winners. 

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