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Commercial vehicle futurist and thought leader joins TransRisk’s Board of Advisors

Sandeep Kar is one of the most respected minds in the Commercial Vehicle space

Sandeep Kar, global thought leader and a force in the global commercial vehicle industry, will be advising TransRisk on the future of trucking, autonomous vehicles, blockchain and digital technologies.

Kar is the leading global expert on commercial vehicle technologies, econometrics, applications, and markets, with special focus on connected vehicle technologies and their markets. TransRisk is an information services platform that leverages private data to bring transparency and risk-management to the opaque trucking and freight markets.

Kar recently joined Fleet Complete, a leader in mission-critical connected vehicle IoT solutions, as Chief Strategy Officer. Previously he served as  Global Vice President-Automotive & Transportation Research at Frost & Sullivan. His industry knowledge, growth strategy development and implementation experience, and ability to understand the impact of technologies on business models of various commercial vehicle stakeholding companies make him a leading voice in global trucking and the transportation industry.

“Sandeep’s collective experiences and extensive industry knowledge make him a leading authority on the global commercial vehicle market,” said Craig Fuller, TransRisk CEO. “We believe our mission is broader than just providing market transparency and risk management to trucking market participants – namely, the shippers, carriers, and 3PLs – and contend that the OEM and component manufacturers are directly impacted by what happens in the broader trucking market. Developing systems, partnerships, and indices that reflect on their business is important to developing a stronger overall market.

“His strong expertise in commercial vehicle industry, analytical skills and in-depth research into global growth opportunities align perfectly with what we are building with TransRisk. We are very excited about the opportunity to tap into his industry knowledge and expertise and look forward to working with Sandeep going forward,” added Fuller.

Kar speaks frequently at leading conferences as a keynote/panel moderator/panel member, and his interviews and research work is frequently quoted in leading industry journals and publications. He holds a Master of Applied Science degree in Mechanical Engineering (Heavy-Truck Dynamics) from Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Kar’s technical papers and graduate research work have been published in renowned journals such as the International Journal of Vehicle Design. He is considered a global expert in topics as diverse as advanced truck powertrain, chassis, safety, telematics technologies, global and regional markets, OEM and tier-1 growth strategies, and voice of customers (eg. fleets, owner operators, drivers, etc). 

“I have been tracking the company for around a year and have been impressed with their level of execution and attracting some of the top thought leaders in the transportation space. There are several innovative business models and companies that are disrupting and transforming freight mobility, but TransRisk is different. I refer to the company as the “Google of Trucking”, stated Kar. “They are working on aggregating unstructured and structured data from over 150 sources and creating market transparency and risk management products through exclusive partnerships.”

TransRisk is developing products and solutions to provide price transparency and risk management to transportation industry professionals. Among these potential products are freight futures contracts that allow participants to hedge against rate volatility in the physical market. The financially settled contracts, which will feature no physical delivery or service, are meant to be a risk-management tool that participants can use to normalize price fluctuations.