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Strong relationships help bolster cost savings amid port crisis

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Many of the pandemic-fueled headwinds that have plagued the logistics industry over the past two years are beginning to subside, but U.S. ports are still being slammed with more volume than they can handle on a daily basis. As a result, it is not uncommon for companies to rack up hefty demurrage and per diem fees while their freight sits in ports waiting for drivers and equipment to become available. 

While these issues are inherently expensive and frustrating, working with the right partner can save shippers time, money and headaches. Port X Logistics works to mitigate hassles wherever possible via pre-planning and communicating unavoidable issues to shippers early, keeping mystery fees and unpleasant surprises at bay.

The company’s customer relationships, cutting edge technology, and proactive communication allows them to help save their customers money.  Port X Logistics is one of the only trucking companies in the United States that has the technology to track clients’ containers from origin port to destination port, then on to final delivery. This proactive tracking technology allows them to plan for everything that is needed for the shipments – including trucks, drivers, yard space, warehouse space and pallets.

“We try to develop relationships – not just with our customers, but also internally here with our drivers and everybody whose lives we touch on a daily basis.”  Port X Logistics Chief Customer Experience Officer Adam Cunningham said. “We establish that human connection, and it fortifies that relationship.”

In a volatile environment, mishaps are unavoidable, no matter what kind of technology a company has at their disposal. Handling these problems is more efficient – and more pleasant – when a company is doing business with someone they know.

“We know that things are absolutely going to go wrong in logistics,” Cunningham said. “They’re going to go awry. They’re going to go sideways. The true testament of a relationship is being able to take that hit and keep on moving forward.”

The ability to keep moving forward is cultivated through established trust, mutual understanding and excellent people skills.

“Customer experience is all-encompassing,” Cunningham said, “It is the full suite of services. It’s a minute as, ‘how was your day today?’ We try to inject a level of personality and intimacy to create a less bland experience.”

In addition to building personal relationships with customers, Port X Logistics has built its business on proactive communication. All of the company’s employees work to become subject matter experts, allowing them to keep customers informed and convey any possible hurdles that may arise before a shipment ever leaves the port. 

Port X Logistics works closely with customers to predict – and troubleshoot – possible problems from the very beginning. From there, the company keeps its clients informed on the status of their freight every step of the way.

“We track from the origin of departure to the berthing terminal in the U.S,” Cunningham said. “We give our customers daily updates on the status of that box.”

Shippers are often blindsided by various fees during the shipping process. This level of transparency helps them minimize these costs by alerting them of any holds in real-time, allowing them to clear issues up before expensive demurrage fees are piled on. 

“We use a combination of state-of-the art cloud technology and being human beings to create a really cool customer dynamic.”

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