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Taking the tension out of recruiting and retention — WTT

On today’s episode, Dooner and The Dude are finding out how to take the tension out of recruiting and retention. Is there a nationwide truck driver shortage and if so, why? We’ll dive into it.

Plus, keeping bandits away from your freight; OOIDA urges truckers to fight 556% insurance hike; pallet shortages; survey of motorists’ reckless behavior should be wake-up call for commercial fleets; Illinois trucking company with history of HOS violations files Chapter 7; truckers implicated in multimillion-dollar U.S.-Canada tobacco smuggling ring; and cicadas — they’re what’s for dinner.

They’re joined by special guests Robert Moffitt, EVP and director of operations for New Legend Inc.; Max Farrell, CEO of WorkHound; Charles Gracey, president of Hot Seat Services Inc.; and Krenar Komoni, CEO/founder of Tive.

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  1. Mike

    Tive, most of the brokers I deal with are from Kosovo, Russia and Bosnia… It is only an inch they say, if you can understand them, and God forbid you have a shipment question… Tive, never been here, never drove a truck, and all they need is an internet connection… I would not walk away, I would RUN!

  2. Mike

    Charles Gracey has a clue… 30+ years here, owner operator, had authority, leases, etc… I’m not stupid, at least Charles sounds like he has a clue.

  3. Mike

    Idiot, it is not a “vaccine”! It is an experimental mRNA drug that is still EXPERIMENTAL! Where did you go to medical school? Educate yourself, this is not a left or right issue, IDIOT!

  4. Mike

    Have any of you ever been, or lived in a truck, hauling freight for MONEY? Seriously! The rap dude, come on man! Go spend a day in my shoes, or any of the drivers or owner operators that listen to your nonsense… Understand my pay? I’m old enough to know simple math, even though the trucking companies like to use “New Math”… 18 lines of nonsense, hoping to trip up the public schooled truck driver in an attempt to fool him… Because we know what many of you in the back office think of us, a bunch of toothless morons that are able to hold a steering wheel. F you.

  5. Mike

    Robert Moffitt… Bonuses? Go F yourself, PAY ME! And get me home, and not for a day and a half or two days! Do you own a house? I need a day or two to to get my home head on, and then I need to fix everything, can you do that in 34 hours? PAY ME and give me REAL home time!

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Timothy Dooner

Dooner is an award-winning podcaster, content producer and host who is currently the director of audio at FreightWaves and the creative director of Back The Truck Up. In under a year he helped build FreightCasts, the world’s largest logistics and supply chain podcast network in media. He produces and co-hosts the hit podcast and FreightWavesTV show, WHAT THE TRUCK?!? WTT is ranked in Apple Podcasts top-20 Business News podcasts. He also writes a newsletter of the same title with over 10k subscribers in the supply chain and trucking niche. Dooner has been in freight since 2005 and has held directors positions in operations, sales, consulting, and marketing. He has worked with FedEx, Reebok, Adidas, L.L. Bean, Hasbro, Louis Vuitton, and many more high level clients across the full spectrum of the supply chain. He was a featured speaker at TEDx Chattanooga.