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Teletrac Navman launches real-time, predictive telematics platform

Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves

Global telematics provider Teletrac Navman has announced its next-generation solution TN360, which will provide real-time and actionable data insights that businesses can leverage for improved fleet monitoring. TN360 is powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and uses scalable cloud technology and real-time computer vision data to analyze truck movement. 

“Being in the business for several decades, we have realized that not all telematics are made equal. Telematics of today, even if they say they are real time, are not necessarily real time, and we wanted to get past that,” said Sid Nair, senior director of marketing and product management at Teletrac Navman. 

TN360 ingests data from all available sources and uses AI to deliver real-time insights with an inconsequential time lag. For example, Nair explained that the insights are so instantly available that they allow fleets to call up drivers and give them turn-by-turn instructions.

“There is the drone view option on the dashboard, which is a virtual view of the truck moving on the freeway. This provides the fleet second-by-second data of that vehicle in action. We also have implemented an AI-based camera, which is not only looking outside the window but also looking inside the window,” said Nair. 

In-cab data allows fleets to monitor drivers in the context of safety, to see if they are focused on the road and are not distracted. It also helps assess driving behavior, including harsh acceleration, idling and hard-braking incidents. Nair said this helps fleets manage drivers better, reduce fatigue and increase safety on the road. 

Teletrac Navman designed TN360 to be easy to use, simplifying features to help companies dig into data insights with a few clicks on its dashboard. For instance, dispatchers using the software can readily access the number of active and inactive vehicles in their data, monitor when trucks enter and leave a geofenced area, and understand driver characteristics — all at the touch of a button. 

“The reports we create are easily editable and can be seamlessly integrated. We can also audit these reports inside the system. We have also made workflows easier and more actionable by providing a pre-trip checklist. Fleets can add anything they want in there and integrate that with their back-office services,” said Nair. “Integration, connectivity and automation are the three main attributes of this platform.”

Nair explained that to make searches within telematics as “Google-like” as possible, Teletrac Navman has created search options on its dashboard, which has basic driving, safety and productivity parameters already added to the list. “In the future, we want to run these analytics behind the scenes and start identifying anomalies and outliers. This way, fleets can just click on the anomaly, and TN360 will give the associated insights,” he said.

For Teletrac Navman, TN360 is the next phase of digital transformation in the mobile asset and fleet management market. TN360 serves as a “nexus for data collection across all integrated systems such as engine information, driver behavior, camera sensors, temperature sensors, as well as information connected via third party systems,” the company said in a statement. 


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