The Daily Dash: Activist investor seeks more value from Forward Air

Predicting the future of the retail supply chain; and why Deutsche Bank’s Amit Mehrotra is bullish on truckload

The Daily Dash is a quick look at what is happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, an activist investor is pushing Forward Air to create more shareholder value. Plus, looking at the major trends expected to impact the retail supply chain in 2021, and Deutsche Bank’s Amit Mehrotra shares his truckload stock outlook.

Pushing for more shareholder value

As Forward Air (NASDAQ: FWRD) retooled its corporate strategy in 2020, its share price lagged comparable less-than-truckload carriers like Old Dominion (NASDAQ: ODFL) and ArcBest. Now, an activist investor is demanding more shareholder value.

Todd Maiden has details on who is behind the push: $90M activist investment seeks changes at Forward Air

Prediction time

Inventory corrections, growth in reverse logistics and on-demand clothing as just a few of the trends FreightWaves is predicting for retail supply chains in 2021.

Andrew Cox offers his look at the year ahead in retail: 5 predictions for retail supply chains in 2021

One on one with Deutsche Bank’s Amit Mehrotra

Deutsche Bank’s Amit Mehrotra has written outlook reports for the trucking sector for nearly 20 years. Never has one been as bullish as his report for 2021.

Todd Maiden talks with Mehrotra on why that is: Q&A: Deutsche Bank’s Mehrotra still bullish on trucking in 2021

Electric visionary

Several years ago, Dana Inc. (NYSE: DAN) saw what others could see: Electric power would be a prominent part of future vehicle powertrains. The company hasn’t waited for others to lead the way, though, and has charted a path forward that has resulted in an all-in zero-emission powertrain system.

Alan Adler details the journey: Dana builds electrification vertical for commercial vehicles

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Did you miss this?

The dominoes are falling as more states are expected to fall in line with California’s truck electrification rules, with New Jersey becoming the first.

Linda Baker takes a look at the expected trend: New Jersey first state to adopt California electric truck sales mandate

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