Shortening the negotiation cycle with Trucker Tools

 Image: Shutterstock

Image: Shutterstock

In an effort to shorten the negotiation cycle for both brokers and carriers, Trucker Tools will now offer digital-assist pricing negotiation on their Smart Capacity platform. According to a news release from the company, Trucker Tools’ latest update cuts down on the traditional back-and-forth it takes to match a load and settle on a price.

Digital-assist pricing negotiation allows the broker to send carrier-specific pricing to multiple selected carriers at the same time. The carriers, in turn, can respond via their smartphone through the platform with counter offers or acceptance.

“Ultimately, the platform shortens the negotiating cycle, so both carrier and broker get to the right load at the right price quicker and more accurately,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools. “Once again, we are giving time back to – and taking out costs – for the broker and carrier. That’s additional time which now can be applied to booking more loads and generating more revenue.”

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Lane search features have also been added to simplify the search for matching loads. Based on driver and carrier data compiled from the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver App, the software analyzes historical carrier volume and lane patterns, and makes two predictions:

  • What are the carrier’s most popular and sought-after loads and lanes based on history, and;

  • When typically, is that carrier most available by days of the week or time of the month, based on historical behavior and operating patterns.

Historical preferences, geography, and previous matches factor in to the matching capabilities of Smart Capacity, allowing drivers to fine tune and specialize their loads. 

“We are unique in this capability due to the popularity of our mobile smart-phone app with drivers, which gives us years of history on lane volumes and driver preferences,” explained Gollapalli.

“We are showing the driver an updated list of available loads in the most desirable lanes at the most desirable times, based on where they’ve historically run in the past. They get the perfect match quicker,” according to Trucker Tools.

“The broker can input a specific lane or city-pair, as well as other search parameters, such as preferred carriers, and the platform will return results showing all available trucks in those lanes, where they are currently and a projection of when they will be available for the next load,” noted Gollapalli.

Currently, Smart Capacity is used by over 100,000 carriers and owner operators and more than 500,000 truckers. For more information on Trucker Tools and Smart Capacity, click here.