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Union Pacific confirms layoffs

‘Workforce reduction’ comes amid implementation of precision scheduled railroading

A Union Pacific train heads to its next destination. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Union Pacific (NYSE: UNP) confirmed that it has laid off employees across its network, although it didn’t provide details about how many were laid off and where.

The railroad attributed the “workforce reduction” to its broader efforts to implement precision scheduled railroading, an operational model that seeks to streamline operations. Union Pacific (UP) said the reduction affected both management and unionized employees across its 23-state system. 

“These are difficult decisions; however, we remain committed to providing our customers safe, efficient and reliable service that ensures Union Pacific remains a strong and competitive company,” UP said.

According to data that UP submitted to the Surface Transportation Board, UP employed about 32,820 workers in mid-July, which is the latest data available. That total is 2.2% higher than June’s total of 32,107, and 18.9% lower than July 2019’s total of 40,491.

July’s figure is also 10.1% lower than March’s total of 36,507, which is the month before rail volumes dipped sharply in April and May because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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  1. J

    Well I know of 2 people that has died from the fort worth service unit , while they were at work .
    A nother person feel asleep driving home from all the overtime he was forced to work.
    So the union Pacific will kill you at no cost to them , they will look at your and family and will not blink a eye at it and will not show any remorse to you or you family at all.
    Then they brag on there quarter profits.

    1. A mother of a machinest

      My son, my daughter n laws husband, their two daughters, father died two weeks ago after being bumped. The Union Pacific life insurance has refused to pay because they did not pay the premium during lay off. He worked for this company for 9 1/2 years, died because stress from lay off. His wife has a $13.50 hr job to make a living. They advertise life insurance but don’t plan on it. A deceiving company.

  2. Jack black

    Union Pacific have laid off half of there workforce do to greedy stockholders. Not caring any of there employees they decided to layoff thousands of there employees nation wide. To cut corners and don’t care about anyone’s safety.

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