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Using natural gas as alternative fuels ー Net-Zero Carbon

Can the trucking industry survive off of natural gas?

 Norfolk Southern isn’t just in the business of moving freight, they’re in the business of a better planet. To learn more about Norfolk Southern’s industry-leading sustainability initiatives, go to

The search for alternatives to diesel fuel has been ongoing, leading people to turn to options like hydrogen, battery fuel cells, and the subject of this episode of Net-Zero Carbon: liquified natural gas. 

Danny Gomez hosts Joe Raia, chief commercial officer of Abaxx Exchange, to talk about why LNG is not just an option for a transition fuel, it is the best option. The two discuss Raia’s background in the maritime industry before diving into the discussion about alternative fuels.

Raia says the bottom line is that there are gaps in the current LNG markets in regards to mitigating price exposure, but that Abaxx can and will deliver a good physical LNG contract. He also believes that net neutrality cannot be reached without utilizing natural gas as a transition fuel, a sentiment echoed by the European Union. 

LNG emissions can be offset using carbon credits, and Raia offers advice that the transportation industry needs to embrace the trends around them in order to move forward with the fuel transition. 

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