About FreightWaves

Freight markets are under attack from digitization, volatility, regulations, and cyclical and secular trends. Market participants need near-time analytics and commentary about the overall market. FreightWaves is a data and content forum that provides market participants with near-time analytics on the state of the freight market and tools that provide actionable outcomes. 

Unlike tech-enabled companies that come into the freight markets with the goal of disintermediation, FreightWaves is focused on empowering incumbents and emerging firms with information that give them an edge.  

We have partnered with some of the largest and most important data providers in the freight marketplace, aggregating over 150 sources and representing billions of individual data points. We use this information to understand and model near-time changes and impacts to the freight market, giving us an understanding of how things like weather, economic activity, technology, and regulations change the freight markets.  Many of the insights we gain are published and available for free through our commentary and news site, FreightWaves.com.

We also prepare market indices, geo heat-maps, and barometers that "map the freight market," helping participants to understand how the market will impact them. These "market maps", indices, commentary, and analytics will soon be available for freight market participants and financial speculators on our SONAR platform. We also have developed the leading technical and markets forums for the freight industry, market and technical education, thought leadership, standards, and certifications for the freight market, all through our BiTA platform. Last, we are working to provide hedging and risk management tools in the form of listed futures contracts that can help participants mitigate their exposure to the volatility of U.S. trucking spot prices. 

The freight markets

The U.S. trucking freight market is massive and we plan to bring visibility and transparency to it through our product suite. The U.S. trucking freight market is 30% bigger than U.S. oil, coal, and natural gas production combined.

Like most large commodity markets, speculators and hedgers need news and near-time analytics on the state of the market. Freight has historically lacked news and market-level data that give participants near-time information that they can trade or model decisions on.  


Our product suite:


Our Story

We have been trucking our whole lives.... Literally. 


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FreightWaves, BiTA, and TransRisk have been featured by many leading publications. Here are a sample of our favorites. 


Our team and investors

FreightWaves brings together some of the smartest names in freight and capital markets, all with the purpose of developing the leading source of news, commentary, data, and risk-management for the freight markets. 

Careers at FreightWaves

Looking for a job where you can kick back and admire the efforts of your peers? Look elsewhere. If you're smart, driven, resourceful, and not afraid to fail, we may make a great match. What's more, we offer killer benefits like unlimited vacation days, Beer Friday, and success sharing incentives.