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91 percent of small carriers still using AOBRDs plan to wait until the fourth quarter to switch to ELDs (with video)

With less than six months to go until the final deadline for the installation of electronic logging devices (ELDs), one of five small carriers has yet to make the switch from automatic onboarding recording device (AOBRDs), according to a new weekly FreightWaves and EROAD survey released today. 

The telephone survey, which was conducted by CarrierLists, surveyed 253 small fleets (one to 50 trucks) from June 10th to the 21st of this year. 

Of the fleets waiting until the fourth quarter to switch over to ELDs, 29 percent are planning to do so in October, 37 percent are planning to wait until November and the final 26 percent will wait until the final buzzer in December.  

The mandatory deadline for all carriers using AOBRDs to being logging driver hours with ELDs is December 16th, 2019.

“We saw this in 2017 with the first ELD mandate. Many carriers waited to the last minute and found unexpected problems,” said Norm Ellis, president of EROAD North America, a leading supplier of ELDs and fleet technology. “If you want to stay compliant and make this easy for your drivers and people in the office, I urge you to start soon, research and select the best ELD for your specific needs and give your team time to get accustomed to the different rules and reports.” 

AOBRDs were grandfathered in when ELDs became mandatory in December 2017. During the changeover to ELDs, carriers had a transition period between the “soft” deadline in December in 2017 and the “hard” deadline in April 2018. 

No such transition period is expected for AOBRDs. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) stated this matter of factly on its Facebook page earlier in June:

Still running with an AOBRD? By DECEMBER 16, 2019, all motor carriers presently using an Automatic OnBoard Recording Device, must switch over to an Electronic Logging Device registered with FMCSA. See the list of ELDs self-certified by the manufacturer at: If the device you are considering is NOT on the list, it’s NOT a ELD.”

Updated results from the FreightWaves and EROAD weekly AOBRD survey will be published every Tuesday until the December 2019 deadline. Future polling done by CarrierLists will concentrate on fleets operating from five to 250 trucks. As the survey progresses, weekly tracking charts with compliance by fleet size, trailer types and operating regions will be published in addition to compliance rates. 

EROAD’s guide “Planning your move from AOBRD to ELD” gives you 8 key considerations and 6 critical questions to help you select the right solution and make to achieve the easiest transition possible. Visit our AOBRD to ELD resource center to download it.

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Kevin Hill

Kevin Hill leads the Freight Intel Group at FreightWaves, which publishes proprietary research on all things transport and logistics. Kevin, the founder of CarrierLists, is a former freight broker and holds an MBA from the University of Oklahoma.


  1. The fmcsa can go f!!!!! Themselves I would like to know what group of ass holes made up this law so I can find out where they live then go to there house one at a time and break there fucking knees out from under them then break there arms legs and hands so they can’t work so they can see what there doing to trucking they think just because they have a college education and a title they think they know more than the people who actually run these trucks up and down the road every day how about we regulate there work hours and dictate what there going to make each year then on top of that let’s over tax them and control every part of there lives because that’s exactly what there doing to the truck drivers out on just trying to survive

    1. It’s time to retire. Need to shut these trucks down. Et the country fall flat .but the sad part of you have all these chicken shit drivers wont do it .they tun run their cocksucker but they are all mouth. Need to show this sorry ass piece of shit government we are tired of telling us when to sleep and when and how long we can sleep or eat
      Fuck those bastards.Shut this socialist country down.

      1. Im preparing to shut down and get out of this nauseous industry! Perfect timing and good riddance!! Between Brokers and USDOT/FMCSA, not sure which one is WORST!

    2. The ATA paid Congress to pass the ELD mandate. You know who runs the ATA? All the owners of the megas like Knight, Swift, Schneider etc etc. They’re attempting to smash their competition by paying to have these laws passed. Ironically, it’s almost like it was before deregulation. Only this time it’s the megas stifling their competitors instead of the unions and railroads. We’re coming full circle!

  2. What I know from experience is that one of the largest new breed eld companies had been selling AOBRD long past Dec 18th and their customers don’t really understand it.
    For the small carrier this transition is going to be hard. Many do not understand that they will not be able to edit drive time, how even a very slow, small move can put them on drive time.
    It is going to be ugly.

  3. The new ELDs SUCK. Driving from the guard shack to your trailer pickup goes as drive time. No notation of what you’re doing at the time on or off duty, like a time clock basically. Going to add a lot of hours to do the same as before, but if the truck moves a foot, it will be logged.

  4. What happened to freedom? What are these lawmakers doing making laws about something they have never done. I would like to see them come out here and do what we do and be told when we have to sleep/ rest. Honestly I don’t think they could handle it. They are like a bunch of communist people who want to mandate who we are and what we do and where we can work just because they think that eld is a safer way to prevent accidents when In fact due to the eld these frickin morons drive stupider every day. 20+ years ago life out here was a hell of a lot better safer and more like family than it is now. Donald Trump said he would help the industry but hasn’t done anything for it. All the truck drivers bitchin about it don’t stand together new drivers don’t have the proper training more and more I see them driving down the road watching their movies feet on the dash and it makes me wonder how this industry is going to be in the future. I wish they would let us do our job like we used to. The ATA is behind the feds and so are the big companies. I am having trouble understanding that we were able to legally log 3500 miles but now can only log 2500. We are not short of drivers just short of ones that know how and short of the politicians who will let us do our job like we used to.

    1. It’s NOT about safety. The ATA PAID CONGRESS to pass the ELD mandate. It’s about smashing their competiton…not safety. The real problem is the HOS. Supposedly, the FMCSA is announcing a change but I’m not holding my breath.

  5. Ooida is same as ata for support of government drivers need to stand up and Turmp needs to take a stand as well. Get government out of our lives and work

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