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A journey from trucker to truck broker founder

TraylorTranspo’s Brittany Traylor recounts how it pays to start small and dream big

Traylor (center) and Foley (right) discuss their partnership with FreightWaves' Thomas Wasson (Photo: Dan Henry/FreightWaves)

This fireside chat recap is from Day 2 of FreightWaves’ Future of Freight Festival live event taking place in Chattanooga, Tennessee. For more information on the event, click here.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: Showcasing a winning combination between brokerage startup and TMS company.

DETAILS: Brittany Traylor, who started her career in the oil and gas fields as a flat-bed owner-operator, discusses how partnering with TMS company Turvo has helped move her from driver to founder and CEO.

SPEAKERS: Traylor, founder and CEO, TraylorTranspo LLC; Samantha Foley, chief marketing officer, Turvo.

BIOS: Prior to launching TraylorTranspo in 2021, Traylor was an owner-operator for over five years, gaining firsthand insights into the challenges facing both truck drivers and shippers. In founding her own truck brokerage, she committed to building better connections to drivers and shippers.

As chief marketing officer at TMS software company Turvo, Foley’s responsibilities include brand positioning, product marketing, digital marketing, lead generation and business development. Prior to Turvo, she served as senior vice president of marketing at Ikon Science, a geophysics software company in the oil and gas industry. Foley also worked as vice president of marketing at Cenergistic, an energy conservation company, and was in marketing roles at software companies Entouch and Allegro Development.


“I started with one truck. During my time as an owner-operator, I turned it into a kind of rolling university. In the beginning, I didn’t even know what a load board was. But I was always eager to learn more and elevate within this industry.”

“We did seven figures in our first year [as a broker]. We’re now trying to heavily focus on our broker side more so than our asset side. The goal from a revenue aspect is to reach $10 million.” 

“Just being a woman in the oil fields driving an open-deck [trailer] was an experience in such a male-dominated field. Being a woman of color definitely has its own challenges. Throughout this journey, though, I’ve focused on just providing a good service and being dedicated and committed to our customers. So far, that’s worked out pretty well for us.


“Turvo’s interface is really intuitive. Our training is high-touch and hands-on, allowing us to get a customer like Brittany live in four weeks so that she can rapidly implement and scale her business. It levels the playing field for a company like TraylorTranspo. They’re using the same technology as some of the world’s largest 3PLs.”

F3: Future of Freight Festival


The second annual F3: Future of Freight Festival will be held in Chattanooga, “The Scenic City,” this November. F3 combines innovation and entertainment — featuring live demos, industry experts discussing freight market trends for 2024, afternoon networking events, and Grammy Award-winning musicians performing in the evenings amidst the cool Appalachian fall weather.


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