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Building supply chain efficiencies is the narrative as freight tech firms show wares

The afternoon block of freight technology demonstrations at Transparency19 in Atlanta May 6 brought home the value of information technology in optimizing the basic blocking-and-tackle functions that could make or save money for many players.

Each presenter had just seven minutes to show their offerings as part of the “Rapid Fire Demos” on the first day of FreightWaves’ conference.

DrayMaster–Simplifying the process

Tom Burke and Travis Barnier

DrayMaster Inc.’s rate management system simplifies intermodal and regional truck rates that have been sitting in spreadsheets for decades. Once uploaded into its platform, tariffs are validated and territories built out to include all zip codes. From that point, carriers will never have to share their rate package on a spreadsheet and brokers and third-party logistics providers have access to internodal rates through one interface, and no longer have to jump between systems to issue a delivery order.

Trimble MAPS–Mapping a better solution

Rishi Mehra-Trimble MAPS

Trimble MAPS, a division of Trimble, touts its innovative routing, scheduling, visualization and navigation systems. Built on data and a routing engine specifically designed for commercial vehicles, the mapping systems are designed to give fleets deep insight into the many factors affecting a trip, which Trimble MAPS said will improve fleet efficiency, utilization and future load planning functions.

Digital Dispatch-Optimizing the website

Blythe Brumleve-Founder of Digital Dispatch

For many carriers, their websites are a valuable yet underutilized competitive weapon, according to Blythe Brumleve, founder of Digital Dispatch. The company’s value proposition is to serve as a single source for customers’ online marketing, recruiting, communications and publishing efforts through a customizable dashboard that Brumleve said puts a customer’s most vital digital tool front-and-center.–Deepening the Partnership

Ashley Shore and Nick

One of the country’s most visible spot market load boards has rolled out a “partner integration platform” that the company said enables customers to effectively create their own marketplaces. One of the more striking features is a tool for contract rate benchmarking developed with consultancy Chainalytics. Users will glean insight on contract rate trends that previously were only available for spot rates on Truckstop’s systems.

Fraight AI–Let Archie do it

In forefront, Parker Holcomb and Jordan Ho of Freight AI

More than 30 percent of problems happen in the two hours leading up to pickup, when it is critical that dispatchers know when and where the driver will be empty and to position the proper vehicle in the right place at the right time. Fraight AI’s AI platform, known as “Archie,” handles the communication and data entry that streamlines the aggravating process, allowing human staff to focus on what the company called “high-impact” problems. What had been a 45-minute “time-suck” turns into a 45-second validation process, the company said.

Idelic–Making drivers and fleets safer

Hayden Cardiff of Idelic

The company’s “Safety Suite” integrates a fleet’s data systems to provide a comprehensive platform, giving operators full visibility into their drivers’ behavior and safety operations. Using Machine Learning, the platform helps identify the most at-risk drivers and then furnishes tools to manage and ultimately improve their behavior.

Mercado Labs–Built by importers for importers

Speaking: Brain Nacci of Mercado Labs

Mercado Labs, which was designed with significant input from importers, expedites and facilitates the import process, the company said. Purchase orders are sent to the Mercado platform, which connects suppliers and providers through a registration page, and allows stakeholders to operate in their native languages.

Advent Intermodal Solutions–Enhancing the first mile

Allen Thomas and Dennis Monts of Advent

The company focuses on the first-mile of freight leaving U.S. port environs through to depots and then to the customer. Advent’s eModal Data Services uses Automated Programming Interface (API) technology to deliver real-time cargo status information to a customer’s dispatch system or transportation management system. Advent’s system automates daily container tracking, port trucker appointment setting, drayage orders and fee payments, the company said. It has API connections to more than 50 North American ports and terminals.

3gtms, Inc.–Bridging the broker-3PL gap

Matt Hagg of 3gtms

3gtms touts itself as the only TMS that allows third-party logistics providers to perform managed transportation and brokerage services on one platform, thus addressing the “hybridization” of 3PLs and brokers services. Brokers can access multiple sources for capacity, including private and local load boards, allowing them to quickly identify carriers that are a good fit based on lane history and benchmarks.

Mark Solomon

Formerly the Executive Editor at DC Velocity, Mark Solomon joined FreightWaves as Managing Editor of Freight Markets. Solomon began his journalistic career in 1982 at Traffic World magazine, ran his own public relations firm (Media Based Solutions) from 1994 to 2008, and has been at DC Velocity since then. Over the course of his career, Solomon has covered nearly the whole gamut of the transportation and logistics industry, including trucking, railroads, maritime, 3PLs, and regulatory issues. Solomon witnessed and narrated the rise of Amazon and XPO Logistics and the shift of the U.S. Postal Service from a mail-focused service to parcel, as well as the exponential, e-commerce-driven growth of warehouse square footage and omnichannel fulfillment.