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Freight recession catches up to C.H. Robinson, causing earnings miss

C.H. Robinson (NASDAQ: CHRW), a leading third-party logistics provider and the largest freight brokerage in North America, reported third-quarter financial results after markets closed on Oct. 29.

Robinson’s business was finally hit hard by the industrial recession in the United States, slowing global trade and a contracting eurozone.

Total revenues were down 10.2% year-over-year to $3.9 billion; net revenues fell 8.7% from the prior year, to $633.4 million. Diluted earnings per share decreased 14.4% to $1.07, missing Wall Street’s expectations of $1.14.

Last quarter, Robinson managed to grow earnings by 8% and beat the Street by a penny, but the truckload cycle has started to shift against the 3PL. Spot rates — a freight brokerage’s cost to buy trucking capacity — have bottomed, while contract rates, which represent about 70% of C.H. Robinson’s revenue, are still being revised downward.

“The third quarter provided challenges in both our North American Surface Transportation and Global Forwarding segments,” Chief Executive Officer Bob Biesterfeld said in a statement. “Our net revenues, operating income and EPS results finished below our long-term expectations. We anticipated an aggressive industry pricing environment coming into the second half of this year driven by excess capacity and softening demand and knew we faced difficult comparisons versus our strong double-digit net revenue growth in the second half of last year. Our results were negatively impacted by truckload margin compression in North America.”

(Table: C.H. Robinson financial statement)

Still, Robinson’s North American Surface Transportation (NAST) division, the truckload brokerage, widened its gross margins slightly to 15.4% from 15.34% a year ago. The issue is that the brokerage’s top line revenue was down 12.4% to $2.82 billion and net revenue dropped 13.2%. NAST suffered from decremental margins, as its income from operations — a rough measure of the business unit’s internal profitability — fell even faster, by 21.3% on a year-over-year basis.

Global Forwarding was less sensitive to the downturn in ocean and air pricing and air volumes. Total revenues fell 6.5% year-over-year to $597 million, but net revenues were up 1.3% and income from operations climbed 3.5%. Ocean revenues in particular climbed on margin expansion, Robinson said in its earnings release (overall Global Forwarding gross margins were 22.7% for the quarter compared to 20.9% a year ago).

In Robinson’s “All Other and Corporate” segment, Robinson Fresh’s net revenues contracted slightly by 0.1% year-over-year to $23.6 million; Managed Services grew net revenues by 7.4% to $21.5 million; and other Surface Transportation grew net revenues by 13.6% to $15.9 million.

Biesterfeld gave pessimistic guidance for freight markets going forward.

“Looking ahead, we expect that North American routing guides will continue to reset at lower prices in response to the falling cost environment and decline in spot market freight opportunities,” Biesterfeld said. “While industry data suggests capacity continues to exit the North America truckload market, we believe capacity will exceed available shipments for the next few quarters. Despite the current freight environment, our long-term goals remain unchanged. We remain focused on taking market share, automating core processes while delivering industry-leading quality service to our customers and carriers, and improving operating leverage in our businesses.”


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  4. Here’s an update from my perspective on CHRW .

    Based on all the current pessimism in this stock I’ll play contrarian , and make a call on a share price bounce upward on this one .

    In my humble opinion .

    1. Price update : A reversal signal until negated .

      The stock opened with a gap down in price which I will deem as an “exhaustion gap” . This implies that sellers are losing momentum and price could indeed potentially reverse upwards confirming my contrarian bullish call as indicated in my prior comment .

      The gap down touched a floor pivot support point & ratio confluence , then proceeded to close the day above its opening price . Despite its relatively small tail below the daily open , the daily move can be labeled as a “bullish exhaustion gap” which printed an “inverted hammer”(daily price pattern)indicating a probable reversal until proven otherwise .

      So far so good . However , when playing with fire , no matter how good one may be and or believe they are in that regard , steps should be taken to mitigate risk . And that’s where the proverbial word “hedge” comes into the picture . You gain wisdom from experience, knowledge , and good judgement . Knowing that nothing is perfect , one should not anticipate perfection despite how limited the contrary may appear to indicate according to one’s bias . In this game , being right is not as important as producing a capital gain . One can produce a capital gain even when their bias is wrong .

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      Stay Tuned !

      In my humble opinion ………….

      1. WoW, you are using that Degree huh? Just kidding, I’ve seen a few of your comments and you make a lot of sense. Keep up the good work!

      2. Update: Reversal signal confirmed .

        As today’s action has revealed , support held followed by an increase in buying pressure on higher volume along with a higher close . Up .83(1.11%)

        I’ll label today’s action and daily pattern as “bullish engulfing” .

        In my humble opinion ……….

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