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KeepTruckin ‘smart matches’ customers with high-quality loads

KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board is providing carriers with greater access to high-quality loads. The fleet management provider’s latest electronic logging device (ELD)-based freight-matching solution offers tailored load recommendations via smart-matching technology as well as exclusive access to thousands of loads through its marketplace. 

Aman Shahi, staff product manager at KeepTruckin, discussed its high-tech addition to the freight landscape with FreightWaves CEO Craig Fuller on this episode of Fuller Speed Ahead.

“The data that we’re able to access, model and use to understand the needs and preferences of our carriers is really unparalleled,” Shahi said. KeepTruckin is able to look at lane preferences, understand stoppages patterns across the U.S., understand which loads are going to be most relevant to each carrier and serve those up in a place where they’re already operating their day-to-day operations.”

Shahi explained that deciding on which loads to book can often be difficult for carriers when basic information is unavailable. Because details on rates, weight, commodity type and even pickup and drop-off appointment windows factor greatly in booking freight, KeepTruckin requires all of its broker partners to disclose this information beforehand. Shahi said this unlocks the ability for carriers to discover the right loads for themselves better than anywhere else.

In addition to its Smart Load Board, KeepTruckin’s recent partnership with eight of the largest brokers in the U.S., including Uber Freight, Convoy and Echo Global Logistics, has propelled the freight marketplace to new heights, providing customers with exclusive access to thousands of loads.

While KeepTruckin’s Smart Load Board harnesses vast amounts of information, privacy is a top priority for the company.

“Our continued focus is the data privacy of our carrier customers,” Shahi said. “KeepTruckin doesn’t share any information about carriers with brokers, unless there’s a clear intention to do so — only when a carrier has submitted a bid or has clicked ‘Book Now’ to book a load.”

The Smart Load Board is available for free to anyone with a KeepTruckin account. Customers can find and book loads through its KeepTruckin Driver – ELD mobile app or Fleet Dashboard.

According to Shahi, more than 1 million drivers along with 70,000 carriers have registered with KeepTruckin to date. In addition, about 350,000 vehicles are equipped with its ELDs.

Fuller said that although releasing the Smart Load Board in the current market presents both challenges and opportunities for KeepTruckin, its development should excite brokers looking for high-quality capacity as he predicts 2020 to be a “banner year” for freight.

“We’re excited for the opportunity to help brokers and 3PLs at this time by tapping the capacity when they desperately need it,” Shahi said. “The more we can make these matches efficiently, the better it is for both sides of the equation.”

Shahi continued, “I think the supply chain has fundamentally changed this year. We’ve had a rebound in trucking and the need for transportation, but the reality is that the needs are different. For that reason, we actually think there’s a huge opportunity to help carriers see where freight is, find the right freight and reduce empty miles despite the fact that capacity is tight. Just because rates are high doesn’t mean we can’t help carriers be more efficient with their business. Every dollar counts.”

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