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Paler shade of white? Navistar recalls trucks for wrong backup light color

NHTSA denied supplier’s request to consider the defect inconsequential

Navistar is recalling more than 4,000 LT and RH models because the backup lights have the wrong shade of white light. (Photo: Navistar)

Navistar Inc. is recalling more than 4,000 truck models from 2019 because the backup lights illuminate with the wrong shade of white light, which federal safety officials say could lead to a crash.

Navistar decided to recall 3,981 LT and 296 RH Series models after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration denied a petition for inconsequential noncompliance by the supplier, Weldon Distributors. A division of Akron Brass, Weldon submitted a recall for the equipment in October 2018. The next month, it petitioned the NHTSA to overlook the issue.

The NHTSA ruled Feb. 1 that the recall should proceed. On Feb. 14 Weldon filed another recall, listing 6,315 total headlamp assemblies manufactured in June 2018. The Weldon recall said 90% of the parts were suspected as being out of compliance.

When the vehicle is in reverse, the backup lamps will illuminate. However, the white light is outside the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) covering lamps and reflective devices. The different color may affect visibility and potentially increase the risk of a crash, the agency said.

An incorrect LED color bin was used for certain production lots that could involve 84% of the trucks in the recall. Navistar manufacturing began using taillight assemblies that conform to the color test in FMVSS 108 in October 2018.

Navistar dealers will inspect and possibly replace taillights found with suspect date codes. Customer and dealer notification letters will be mailed by April 18.

No crashes or injuries were listed in the NHTSA reports.

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  3. Bradley McWilliams

    Really?? No time nor money to find a place to park, but for a bunch of trucks built 5 years ago with a shade off of backup lights, front and center! This is beyond stupid. Assuming most of these are tractors, no one will ever see the back up lights anyway…

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