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Transportation Insight launches Beon for ‘port-to-porch’ services

Platform integrates all technology investments into new operations system

Transportation Insight launches Beon. (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

Transportation Insight (TI) announced Tuesday the launch of its Beon integrated logistics platform.

Beon will be available to the digital logistics services provider’s shipper and carrier customers as well as those of Nolan Transportation Group (NTG), which TI acquired in 2018.

Throughout 2021, TI made significant technology investments, including the acquisition of parcel and e-commerce servicers Spend Management Experts, managed transportation and freight audit servicer Transaver Global, transportation management software SwanLeap and parcel transportation technology provider Platinum Circle Group.

Beon integrates all of these investments into one central location, enabling TI and NTG employees, shippers and carriers to leverage each other’s shipment density and networks to provide efficient freight execution from “port to porch,” according to TI leadership.

“This is not just a truckload-only tech solution,” Ken Beyer, CEO of TI Holding Co., told FreightWaves. “The Beon platform will offer simple, web-based tools to shippers and carriers that are easily accessible and can help enable sustained growth for their businesses.”

Both TI and NTG have been operating off of Beon since October 2020, simplifying order creation, dynamic pricing, freight matching and automated tendering for employees. “In the coming weeks and months,” the company will be pushing these tools directly to its customers, offering a full business TMS and a free version of Beon for small to midsized shippers, Beyer said.

While this will offer a tech-enabled solution for shippers and carriers to work directly with the logistics providers, TI made it clear that both parties could continue to communicate with both TI and NTG as they have in the past.

“By simply connecting with TI and NTG, shippers and carriers can gain access to an engine that positions them to navigate the supply chain more efficiently through increased optionality and flexibility. For shippers and carriers, nothing has to change about the way they interact with us, as Beon is not a tech-only solution, it is supported and used by our experts servicing our network today,” said Beyer.

As TI gains feedback from users and integrates shipper and carrier customers onto the platform, it plans to continue adding more products to Beon, including mobile apps.

Watch now: How is Nolan Transportation Group handling the e-commerce growth?

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