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FOSC chat: A look at post-COVID e-commerce investing

‘If you get past the hype cycle … there’s still this huge underlying growth in e-commerce’

Benjamin Gordon of Cambridge Capital (Photo: Jim Allen/FreightWaves)

This fireside chat recap is from Day 2 of FreightWaves’ Future of Supply Chain live event in Rogers, Arkansas. For more information and content from the event, click here.

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: What the post e-commerce boom looks like

DETAILS: A discussion with Cambridge Capital’s CEO on a potential shakeout from the surge in supply chain investing.

SPEAKER: Benjamin Gordon, CEO and managing partner at Cambridge Capital and BGSA Holdings

BIO: In 2010, Gordon founded Cambridge Capital, which invests in high-growth, tech-enabled supply chain companies. Prior to Cambridge Capital, he started BGSA Holdings, a supply chain M&A advisory firm. He led BGSA Holdings in advising on more than $2 billion of supply chain transactions. He has worked with firms like UPS, DHL, Kuehne & Nagel and Agility Logistics, among others. Gordon also started SaaS logistics company 3Plex, which was later purchased by Maersk.


On a potential e-commerce bubble: “If you get past the hype cycle and the bubble and the post-bubble kind of correction that we are in now, there’s still this huge underlying growth in e-commerce. The logistics to support that remains as important as ever.”

On the consumer being the winner of e-commerce innovations: “The massive funding of last-mile, reverse logistics, e-commerce fulfillment — all of these areas of logistics that power e-commerce, they’re all here to stay. We can debate whether some of the companies that have been funded in the last three years will fail — some of them will. … In the end, the consumer is the big winner.”

On Ukraine and Cambridge Capital’s investment in Everest Transportation Systems: “Everest is a truck brokerage company, tech-based, terrific business based in Chicago. The majority of their people three months ago were based in Ukraine, in Kyiv. What could we do to help? We created a coalition — Ukraine Logistics Coalition. You can join Ukraine Logistics Coalition and you can encourage your company and the companies that you work with to join … helping get more transportation companies to join as partners and to donate services.”

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Todd Maiden

Based in Richmond, VA, Todd is the finance editor at FreightWaves. Prior to joining FreightWaves, he covered the TLs, LTLs, railroads and brokers for RBC Capital Markets and BB&T Capital Markets. Todd began his career in banking and finance before moving over to transportation equity research where he provided stock recommendations for publicly traded transportation companies.