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FreightWaves announces 2024 FreightTech 100 companies

List sets stage for F3 festival, where FreightTech 25 will be crowned

FreightWaves has unveiled its sixth annual FreightTech 100 list, spotlighting the most innovative companies in the freight technology sector. This announcement sets the stage for the FreightTech 25, which will be revealed in November at the F3: Future of Freight Festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

The 2024 FreightTech 100 directory does not exist in a vacuum. This year has proved to be a challenge across the tech sector, and many (if not all) of these companies have struggled in one way or another to trudge through it. Just days ago, visibility provider project44 — which ranked No. 1 on the 2023 FreightTech 25 — made public that it was laying off 116 employees.

Project44 is far from the only FreightTech company to undergo layoffs in 2023. Many FreightTech executives have had to grapple with similar decisions in recent months, as they’ve shifted from “peacetime” to “wartime” mentalities.

Let this list serve as a testament to resilience among the most technologically progressive in the freight transportation space.

2024 FreightTech 100


The FreightTech 100 list is produced by a panel of journalists, analysts and experts chosen by FreightWaves. The voting form included more than 250 companies with information condensed from nearly 900 nominations.

The list will undergo further scrutiny by third-party auditor Henderson, Hutcherson and and McCullough (HHM). The firm will conduct voting among more than 80 executives, investors and academics from across the industry to determine the FreightTech 25.

The FreightTech 25 will be determined through a points-based system, with each voter ranking the industry’s 25 most innovative and disruptive companies. The company a voter ranks first will earn 25 points, second 24 points and so on. The list will then be sorted in descending order based on total points. 

The 25 companies that earn the most points will be announced as winners at the FreightWaves F3: Future of Freight Festival on Nov. 7-9, and you can secure your spot today.


  1. Anna Hyun

    Dear Whom may concern with,

    This is Anna Hyun who is in charge of marketing to Samsung SDS and I am writing to you regarding how to be one of the FreightTech100 next year for our logistics brand, Cello Square by Samsung.

    We are considering this must be great opportunity to introduce our logistics service to the market and it should be great if you could let me know how to participate.

    Thank you very much in advance for your prompt reply back.

  2. OurFutureIsBleak

    If these companies are the best we have in our industry, our industry is in trouble. Not sure what constitutes for the classification of top freight tech but most of the companies listed here are not top of anything and cluncky at best. How much do they pay to get on this list and do the judges actually use their systems in real world situations?

  3. Mr Pibb

    Several on this list are close to bankruptcy. 90% have never ever made a profit. 80% are currently losing money. 50%+ have been laying off people this year. Most are actively and desperately looking for more funding just to stay alive into 2024.

    How do companies make this “best of” list? Who is making the call? What defines the “best” on this list, anyway? Surely, those on this list should be seeing radical revenue growth and increasing profits from their great product/market fit after 5 years or more of being so ‘disruptive’, no? 🤔

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Joe Antoshak

Joe Antoshak is the senior editorial researcher on the FreightWaves Research team. Previously, he worked for Transport Topics. He lives in Washington, D.C., and can be reached at [email protected].