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Today’s Pickup: Consumers prefer safety over connective tech

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Last week, Volvo Trucks announced that it would soon be adding Apply CarPlay to its lineup as an optional package. More connected trucks will soon become commonplace, and maybe in the commercial transportation space, technologies such as this, Android Auto and WiFi will be welcomed additions.

But in the consumer space, it doesn’t appear as though these connected services will be utilized. A new survey by found that eight out of the top ten most wanted features in automobiles are safety-related.

Side air bags, blind spot warning, emergency braking and backup cameras are highly sought-after tech. Apple CarPlay? Not so much.

According to the site, front fog lamps and rear parking sensors are more important than Bluetooth connectivity. What technologies cracked the safety stranglehold? Cruise control and USB ports.

Did you know?

That women comprise approximately 5.1% of the truck driver population, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics.


“When selecting a device, motor carriers should request a data file now from their ELD supplier and do their own test [on FMCSA’s online tester] to ensure ELD compliance. It’s a great way to verify if a vendor that has already self-certified has a compliant data file to transfer, per the ELD rule. If the data file does not work, do you really have an ELD?”

John Seidl, transportation consultant with Integrated Risk Solutions, offering carriers advice when buying an ELD, in a recent interview with Heavy Duty Trucking

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Final Thoughts

With a new survey from finding that consumers generally prefer safety technologies over connected technologies such as Apply CarPlay, it’s safe to wonder if commercial drivers feel the same way. We’d bet not, given the long stretches away from families and loved ones. Those connected technologies can be the connection to home, and truckers will want that.

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