A friendly face for the trucking industry: Safety Sammy

The trucking group Trucking Moves America Forward (TMAF) has officially chosen a name for its mascot. And it, as announced by TMAF co-chairman Kevin Burch, went for a name that would reiterate the group’s main initiative – Safety Sammy. The mascot was officially named at the 2017 Great American Trucking Show (GATS).

The initiative to introduce a new mascot was a collaboration with Pilot Flying J. They had collected a list of suggested names and that list was narrowed down to five from which online voters would choose. Safety Sammy beat out Seymour S. Miles, Wheels, Axle and Bob Tail.

Burch is currently president of Jet Express and chairman of the American Trucking Association (ATA). He revealed the name at the Red Eye Radio stage on GATS.

The truck mascot is set to promote a positive image of the trucking industry in America.

“Our mascot brings to life the great aspects of trucking, offering the more human aspect of the trucking industry,” Burch shared on the Red Eye Radio stage. “We’re looking forward to taking Sammy coast to coast, to tell the vital trucking story.” Safety Sammy is then set to appear in various trucking-related events all over the country.

Burch told Commercial Carrier Journal why the trucking industry had to have a mascot. “We need to tell our story, what we do every day and what we do every day safely.”

While social media has played a vital role in presenting animated versions of a company’s core values, the offline aspect of promoting the trucking industry meant an image was needed that was readily accessible for anyone to approach.

The mascot served as an attraction for kids and adults alike at the 80th Annual National Truck Driving Championships, Transport Topics Online reports, weeks before Safety Sammy got his name.

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