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Drayage update: The future of EDI (with video)

Existing technologies can be made new again

Bristlecone Vice President Vikram Kaul chats about EDI (Photo: FreightWaves)

Social, political and economic conditions at the national and global levels are changing at breakneck speed, and it is more important than ever to maintain clear lines of communication and information sharing across the logistics industry.

Electronic data interchange (EDI) may not be a brand new technology, but it is a prominent and effective way to keep track of transactions. EDI digitizes the paper trail involved in every transaction, significantly cutting down on errors. 

Bristlecone has partnered with drayage standout NEXT Trucking to create a more efficient information-sharing environment and, ultimately, raise expectations associated with EDI transactions. 

FreightWaves EVP Laura Fava and Bristlecone Vice President Vikram Kaul chatted about the benefits of working with older, more established technology like EDI and discussed ways to make the technology more effective. 

Check out the video below to find out more.

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Ashley Coker Prince

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