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The Trucker Tools app ( Image: Trucker Tools )

When a truck driver is more efficient, we all benefit. With the help of Trucker Tools, drivers can maximize efficiency both on and off the road. Since its creation in 2013, the Trucker Tools Mobile Driver app has been downloaded over 500,000 times. As of July 2018, the app collates and connects 100,000 carriers who are active on the network. Trucker Tools’ most recent update—released just last week—also marks the implementation of the Smart Capacity feature for drivers and small fleets.

Smart Capacity eliminates one load wonders, allowing users to reconnect with these carriers and regularly move freight with them. It’s a freight matching and capacity management tool that bridges the gap between brokers and carriers, giving both the visibility they need to get the job done. Smart Capacity is built on the latest cutting-edge technology that focuses on securing and protecting your confidentiality and allows you to conduct business with your carriers on a private network.

The August update to the Trucker Tools mobile app allows for easier route-planning, fuel optimization, and stop location, providing access to real-time information that drivers need. A press release from Trucker Tools notes that the app allows drivers to search for amenities including truck stops, low-cost fuel, service dealerships, and Wal-Mart locations while on the road, among other features. The app has been upgraded with new data sources, which have been completely incorporated to provide faster and more complete results, according to Trucker Tools.

The Trucker Tools app also features Load Track, the company’s solution to eliminating check calls for drivers on the road. The mobile app feeds real-time location information directly into the Smart Capacity dashboard. Shippers have the ability to call up an individual truck and view a map with the trucker’s selected route, real-time GPS-updated progress to destination, and potential delays – similar to point-to-point route displays on Google Maps

The app’s document scanning capabilities also expedite the payment process for drivers. “The mobile app’s document scanning tool allows the trucker to take a picture of the bill of lading and, upon delivery and signature by the consignee, send a secured, confidential image to the shipper or broker,” the release states. Trucker Tools notes that “this feature eliminates manual processing steps and speeds payment to the trucker.”

According to a statement released by Trucker Tools, a key distinction of the mobile app is the ability to do lane-specific route search and planning. Trucker Tools was the first to offer this feature. “This is a key productivity advantage for the trucker that simplifies and speeds the process of finding and selecting the optimum route,” said Prasad Gollapalli, founder and CEO of Trucker Tools.

“Response from the driver community to the Trucker Tools Mobile App has been tremendous, and we continue to see rising adoption,” said Gollapalli. “This round of upgrades reflects feedback from truckers and small fleet operators for continued improvement in our time-saving, all-in-one app that gives them accurate, reliable information, and easy-to-use tools to better plan and manage the business of operating a truck,” he concluded.

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