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Family-owned carrier Connors Transfer Limited acquired by Shoreland Transport

Purchase increases Canada seafood transport giant’s fleet to 258 trucks, six terminals

Glenn Cooke, CEO of Shoreland Transport, said the acquisition will strengthen the vertical integration of seafood supplier Cooke Inc. (Photo: Connors Transfer Limited)

Shoreland Transport Inc., a subsidiary of seafood giant Cooke Inc., has acquired Connors Transfer Limited, a 143 truck and 261 trailer provider of transportation services across Canada’s Atlantic provinces.

With the acquisition of Connors, Shoreland Transport is now one of the largest trucking companies in Atlantic Canada with a total of 258 trucks and six terminals, said Glenn Cooke, CEO of Shoreland Transport.

“There are many challenges for logistics in today’s environment, and this acquisition will further strengthen Cooke’s vertical integration,” Cooke said in a release. “Many of Connors’ customers operate in food retail and agri-food, so their business and fleet align very well with Shoreland’s current operations and will enable us to improve services with our customers.”

Terms of the transactions were not disclosed.

Shoreland was established by Cooke in 2002 and has terminals in St. George, Canada, and Suffolk, Virginia. The company operates a fleet of 115 trucks and 217 trailers with routes across Canada and the United States.

Shoreland transports fresh salmon and seafood products for Cooke Aquaculture companies, as well as other customers in Atlantic Canada. Shoreland is a subsidiary of Cooke Inc., one of the largest fresh seafood suppliers in North America.

Connors Transfer Limited was founded in Stellarton, Canada, in 1982 by brothers Glenn and Lauchie Connors. The business began as a small operation with two trucks delivering dry goods, eventually moving to fresh and frozen produce.

Connors operates both dry vans and refrigerated trailers, offering truckload and less-than-truckload services. Their terminals are located in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, New Brunswick, Quebec and Ontario.

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