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Truckers assist Utah Highway Patrol in dramatic video

Dash-cam video shows two truckers helping a Utah Highway Patrolman make an arrest along Interstate 15 on Thursday.

Truckers assist Utah Highway Patrol during an arrest on Thursday.

Several truckers recently lent a helping hand to a Utah Highway Patrol officer making an arrest along a busy interstate highway.

Video of the incident:

Utah Highway Patrol Cpl. Colton Freckleton said the incident occurred Thursday when officer Justin Law responded to a call about a pedestrian standing along the shoulder of Interstate 15 near Kaysville (around 25 miles north of Salt Lake City).

“As the trooper made contact with the citizen, the subject actually started walking away from him, walking quickly,” Freckleton said. “The trooper made commands to stop running on Interstate 15. That’s when the trooper realized that this wasn’t going to be a normal case.”

Officer Law called for another officer to assist with the pedestrian. Law, who was still seated in his vehicle, then got out and attempted to apprehend the pedestrian.

“That’s when the guy actually turned around and started walking towards (Officer Law), like running on the shoulder past the police car,” Freckleton said. “Officer Law took him to the ground and had him down, attempting to put handcuffs on him.”

It was at this point, when Officer Law was putting the cuffs on the pedestrian, that the “two guys in semi-trucks stopped to help,” Freckleton said.

“The semi- drivers actually helped make the arrest and another semi-driver actually stopped and helped block traffic as well,” Freckleton said. “No one was hurt, the arrest was made, and the subject was actually placed in custody at the local jail here in Davis County.”

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  1. Craig B

    As a retired police officer – I thank you guys. As a highway patrolman I always said you guys had an incredibly hard job, and always gave leeway – thanks!

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