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Uber Eats partners with Hims & Hers, will deliver in 12 markets

Rideshare and food delivery giant continues to venture into health care

The partnership will enable deliveries of sexual wellness, personal care, haircare and skincare products (Photo: Burst/Shopify)

Uber wants in on the health and wellness space. The rideshare and food delivery giant is partnering with telehealth platform Hims & Hers (NYSE: HIMS) to deliver personal care and health products to Uber Eats customers in 12 markets, including Los Angeles, Seattle, Miami, Philadelphia and Austin, Texas.

Uber (NYSE: UBER), which launched Uber Health — a service that allows health care organizations to arrange rides for patients — in 2018, has been dipping its toes into the health and wellness space for years. Its recent moves include a January partnership with NimbleRx for prescription deliveries in New York City, a March deal with ScriptDrop for nationwide deliveries and a June collaboration with Dr. B to help transport patients to vaccine appointments for free.

Under the new partnership with Hims & Hers, Uber Eats customers in the 12 select markets can now have a variety of personal care products delivered to their doorsteps, including sexual wellness items, personal care items, and haircare and skincare products. The service will also be available on Uber subsidiary Postmates.

“We’re always focused on making sure our customers can get anything — and personal wellness is no exception,” said Beryl Sanders, head of U.S. Uber Eats partnerships. “Through our technology and logistics expertise, we’re able to bring Hims & Hers directly to consumers at the tap of a button across the country, and we’re thrilled to continue to expand this partnership in the near future.”

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For Hims & Hers, the partnership with Uber will be the company’s largest to date. Since making its debut on the NYSE in January, the telehealth platform’s shares have since halved in value, from around $15 to $7. But Hims & Hers has had a busy month, rolling out a new mobile app for its members, breaking into the Amazon marketplace and now delivering with Uber Eats.

“We have found that adding in the on-demand factor to Hims & Hers products is a game changer for many consumers,” said Melissa Baird, CEO of Hims & Hers. “Our relationship with Uber will be the biggest on-demand push we’ve pursued to date, and we are incredibly pleased to offer the ability for so many more people to be able to access our high-quality health and wellness products when they need them.”

Uber isn’t the only rideshare company to begin tapping into the health care space. Lyft (NASDAQ: LYFT) released its own service in April, Lyft Pass for Healthcare, which allows patients to schedule rides for nonemergency medical transportation. It also entered into a partnership with United Way, Anthem Inc. and JPMorgan Chase in December 2020, with the goal of providing 60 million trips to and from COVID-19 vaccination sites for low-income and at-risk communities.

The two companies might be onto something — the market for virtual health care delivery is projected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of nearly 25% and reach a market value of around $122 billion by 2027.

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