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White Paper: The Unacceptable Increase in Truck-Involved Crashes and Fatalities

Commercial fleets have not escaped the alarming increase in vehicle collisions and fatalities over the last couple of years. We reached out to Safety Advisor Don Osterberg to gain insights on the factors contributing to these disappointing developments in road safety, as well as to ask what fleets can do to protect their drivers, their businesses, and the motorists who share the roads with them.

You may be surprised by what he has to say in this Q&A. Osterberg shares his views on how supply-chain issues, combined with consumer demands, business expectations, and the logistic trends of just-in-time delivery and lean inventory put unprecedented pressure on drivers.

He also addresses driver health issues. Fatigue on the road can be attributed to a sedentary lifestyle and less-than-healthy food options. Driver fatigue, he asserts, is underreported and a leading cause of traffic incidents.

We also touch on what the industry can do to help stem, or even reverse, these trends. Osterberg recommends building a culture of safety for your fleet and explains how some existing technologies can be leveraged to build that culture.

“We have to do more, and we have to do better,” Osterberg said. “That’s our responsibility as transportation professionals.”

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